Anne is a kinda crunchy, kinda unapologetically corner-cutting mom who has lived in Iowa City since 2004. She is a graduate student in Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa and works in the Children's Services department at the Iowa City Public Library. Before going back to school, she was a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters for several years, and took her children to the library multiple times a week. Basically, she has lived at the library for about a decade. Which is fine, because her biggest passion in life is books. When not reading, Anne also enjoys hiking, low-budget road-tripping, and drinking craft beer on a patio.
Kid Friendly Bike Trails in the Iowa City area

Check Out These 7 Iowa City Area Kid Friendly Bike Trails

Now that the weather is warming up, consider strapping on a helmet and hitting the trails on two wheels with your kids. Here are a few Iowa City area trails to enjoy with kids. Iowa...

A Guide to Iowa City Area Farmer’s Markets

A sense of normalcy may return this summer with the opportunity to shop in-person at Iowa City's bustling twice-weekly farmers market. In addition to the downtown staple, many nearby and smaller towns feature charming...
A graphic of Martin Luther King Jr. to promote MLK events in the Iowa City area

MLK Learning and Service Opportunities in the Iowa City Area

We may not be able to come together as a community for an in-person day of service and learning this year, but there are still ways to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther...
Ten Best Iowa City Sledding Hills graphic

10 Best Iowa City-Area Sledding Hills

Now that the ground is finally covered in a layer of wintry white, it’s time to make childhood memories by bundling up and hitting the sledding slopes. Read on for the skinny on the...
15 safe covid christmas traditions graphic

15 COVID-Safe (and Frugal!) Christmas Traditions To Try This Year

Many of your cherished family holiday traditions may not be possible this year — we can't safely gather indoors with extended family groups, large public events have been cancelled, many businesses are closed or...

Easy and Pleasing: Simple Recipes That Turn the School Lunch Items Your Kids Won’t...

If your children are enrolled in the Iowa City Community School District's PK-12 Online Learning Program (the fully-online option), you can pick up free school lunches every weekday school is in session from 12-1...
library book bundles

Need New Books While the Iowa City Library is Closed? Try a Book Bundle!

When I'm searching for something new to read, whether for myself or my kids, I like to browse the stacks at the library. Specifically, I like to browse the "new" section — all those...

15 Picture Books for Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 is Latinx Heritage Month, also known as National Hispanic Heritage Month, a period to formally recognize the contributions and influence of Latinx peoples to the history, culture, and achievements...
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Un-put-down-able Books To Read During Quarantine (That You Haven’t Already Heard About)

With so many events and plans canceled, even those of us continuing to work outside the home likely have extra time on our hands. At the same moment, it may prove difficult to focus...

Hiking With Kids: Favorite Destinations Off the Beaten Path Near Iowa City and Beyond

If you are like me — hiking is a great escape. It's free, it boosts our mental state, it gives us exercise, and it's basically homeschooling because we look at birds and moss and stuff. However,...