Anne is a kinda crunchy, kinda unapologetically corner-cutting mom who has lived in Iowa City since 2004. She is a graduate student in Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa and works in the Children's Services department at the Iowa City Public Library. Before going back to school, she was a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters for several years, and took her children to the library multiple times a week. Basically, she has lived at the library for about a decade. Which is fine, because her biggest passion in life is books. When not reading, Anne also enjoys hiking, low-budget road-tripping, and drinking craft beer on a patio.
crowd of demonstrators holding signs for women's rights

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Kids: A Feminist Booklist for All Ages

March is Women's History Month, an annual recognition of the contributions of women to American History. But anytime is a good time to introduce your children to some groundbreaking ladies throughout history. Equality begins...

Stop the Spread of Fake News: No One is Sex Trafficking You at Target

Please stop sharing social media posts about stranger abduction for sex trafficking from public places. These posts are not true. They are urban legends designed to stir up fear while at the same time...

Visit the Old World Christmas Market!

Ready to get into the holiday spirit, that good old-fashioned way? Check out the Old World Christmas market at Cedar Rapids' Czech & Slovak Museum & Library on December 7 and 8! Christmas markets (Vánoční...

In Praise of Money: My Family Finance Story

I never thought I’d be a person who had money, and I accepted that. “Scraping by” was what my family did growing up, and when I got married and had kids, my own new...

Try This Fun Fall Party Idea: Host a Soup Swap!

Last weekend I attended a VERY FUN party at the home of my friend Lindsey Litton. It was the perfect kickoff to fall and a boon to someone like me who loves to eat...

White Parents Talking to White Kids About Race: A Recommended Reading List

Race matters. And if you are a white parent who wants to raise race-conscious white children with an understanding of how race impacts lived experience in real, concrete ways, you need to talk to...
swimming pools

Iowa City Area Pools and Splash Pads

It's hot, it's sunny, your kids are restless...IT'S TIME TO MAKE A SPLASH! The Iowa City area has some great pools and splash pads where you can cool off, but each has its own pros...

How to Throw Your Daughter a Period Party

If you're an adult biological female, chances are you vividly remember getting your period for the first time. I was twelve years old when it happened–I hid it, deeply embarrassed, for a couple days...

I Quit Wearing Makeup and Nobody Seemed to Notice

I have worn makeup for the last twenty-two years. I started at age fourteen with a whole array of products–foundation, concealer, pressed powder, eyeshadow, blush, an eyelash curler, mascara. Beauty "tips and tricks" from...

Library Storytimes In and Around Iowa City

If you’re new to the area, I humbly suggest you locate the library first. Because once you’ve found the library, you have a gateway to everything else–not only books for the whole family, but...