Ashley Breinholt

Ashley is an Iowa transplant from Arizona and a busy mom of 4. She spends most of her day chasing around her little herd and hoping to catch a glimpse of her main squeeze when he gets a break from the hospital. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication from Arizona State University and is currently the Vice President of Iowa Medical Partners where she helps plan events and service projects and runs the blog. In her free time, Ashley enjoys running, reading, cooking, and decorating (and redecorating) the house. She loves everything about Iowa! She and her family like to explore everything that Iowa has to offer in every season. Life may be crazy but she loves every minute of it!

Battling Summer Boredom: 3 Ways to Never Hear, “I’m bored!” Again

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and our kids' time in the classroom is coming to an end. Who else is excited about spending all day, every day with those awesome...

Surviving Selling Your House While Momming

On a good day my house is full of sweet, helpful children who only eat at the kitchen table and make their beds each morning and never leave laundry on the floor or scatter...

The Ultimate Iowa Bucket List : 27 Places You HAVE to Go!

Iowa? We’re going to...Iowa? What is there to do in Iowa? Those are the feelings I had when I found out we were moving to Iowa four years ago. Having never been here before, I...

Adventures in Twinning: Preschool Edition

All mothers know how quickly the years pass and how hard it is to remember all those sweet and funny details about each stage of life with children. As the mother of twins, this...
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Mommy’s Real Christmas List

My daughter asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas. I don’t know about you, but since becoming a mom my thinking has shifted from thinking about my wants and needs to...

Home For the Holidays: Tips for a Successful Road Trip

Holidays mean spending time with family both near and far. For some of us, the far part can mean that it's time for a road trip. With four kids, plane tickets for a trip...

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Fast, Quick, and Easy. Those are my favorite ways to handle Halloween costumes. After walking through the costume section of the store, and picking my jaw back up off the floor from seeing some...

Adventures in Iowa: Des Moines

My husband recently spent a month in Des Moines for work. Since my kids and I hadn’t had much of a chance to explore over there, we decided to use this opportunity and check...

Adventures in Iowa: Dubuque

Growing up in Arizona, I had no clue what to expect of Iowa when we moved here. Where I’m from, we have desert and mountains and dry heat. We are home to the Grand...

Don’t Forget the Middle Man: Avoiding Middle Child Syndrome

Growing up, I didn’t have much experience with middle children. My family only had two kids; I was the older one and the only girl. I always had plenty of attention and support and,...