Dawn lives life to play! Wife to Bryan and mother of four (ages 17, 14, 12, and 8,) she finds what she most enjoys and does it. Bryan tells people she hates a blank calendar; Dawn says she loves a colorful one. With a BA in Theatre and a certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship from the University of Iowa, Dawn has successfully run two business and volunteered on numerous community theatre Boards of Directors. She currently colors in her calendar with Youngevity confidence consultation appointments, Chamber Singers of Iowa City board meetings, strength training and kickboxing at NLXF-NL, managing the office at BerganKDV, and setting as many dates with friends as she can. Dawn is passionate about respect and intentional choices. She loves coffee with cream, a good wheat beer, seeing someone discover something for the first time, and listening to audio books while driving.
An image of gym equipment

Peeing When I Jump: Stress Incontinence and a Weak Pelvic Floor

A few years ago, I started going to the gym — and something uncomfortable happened when I jumped — I peed a little. I have never considered myself athletic. Yes, I’d walk and push a...

Soft Skill of the Year 2020: We Could All Practice Our Empathy More

We are going on eight months of a global pandemic in our country. Remember when we were all just kind of in a flurry of Tiger King and pajama days? Yeah, I barely do,...

The Four Values Needed for Winning An Odd 2020 School Year

I am a planner. I thrive when things are consistent and predictable. I tried to be spontaneous once, and no one was available to do anything with me — it was a major disappointment!...
A tree on a car following the derecho storm in Iowa.

Our Derecho Response: Turning Obsession Into Action

I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful that I have been extra-diligent about our budget this year. This derecho storm was not in our plans — but really when is an emergency planned?...
A child protesting with her parent

Parenting and Protesting: What I’ve Learned from My Daughter

What a year! When I was journaling over winter break at the end of 2019, I wrote down some goals and dreams for myself and my family. I had plans and ideas. Three months...

How My Life Has Changed Related to Quarantine

Quarantine has been all-consuming for everyone for months now. It's all we hear on the news. It's all we see posted on social media. And, rightfully so. We are in the middle of history. A...
An image of thumbs down for the popular ten things list on social media

ICM Contributors Respond to “Ten Things You Don’t Like List”

We’ve all seen this list going around, right? The "Ten Things You Don’t Like That Everyone Else Seems to Love" list on social media. I asked our Iowa City Moms contributors to share their...
An image of hearts as we discuss letting go for control amid COVID-19

Choose Connecting Instead of Controlling Amid COVID-19

With the reality of being confined for an extended period of time due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), I have seen many, many resources being shared with ways to keep our children engaged and learning....

You Don’t Have to Struggle Alone: Eating Disorder Awareness

As a child, I was skinny. I remember I had a purple skirt that I was able to wear from age four until age 11. The only thing that changed was the length — my...
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Family Independence: Well Done, Prince Harry and Meghan!

I recently saw the news that Prince Harry and Meghan are in the process of leaving the royal family to venture off to become their own family. I admit, I’m not one to really...