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Where’s the Fun In Life?

I've noticed that in life there is a pressure to always be seen as busy with things we have to do. There is a pressure to only talk about how much we have on...
Herbert Hoover Museum, taking kids to the Herbert Hoover Museum in West Branch Iowa

A Parent’s Guide to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, Museum, and National Historic Site

For my family and me, moving to Iowa in 2012 was, in many respects, like moving to a new country. Shoveling snow, combating gnats, and acquiring snow pants were all new to us. Over...
How my daughter taught me to be brave, living with cancer, living with a brain tumor

How My Daughter Taught Me How To Be Brave

“C’mon, Mommy! Don’t be a scaredy cat,” pleaded my almost seven-year-old daughter as we stood at the bottom of the steps to an indoor water slide. “Olivia,” I replied slowly in my most rational voice,...
Making and Breaking My Mom Rules, Letting my son have a binky when I swore I wouldn't

Making and Breaking My Mom Rules

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom. In 6th grade, I took a babysitting class at my hometown’s local fire station, babysat through middle school and...

Creativity in the Corridor: Art Opportunities With Kids

Get this: many of our kids will most likely have careers and jobs that don’t even exist yet. Yikes! Sure, some will be teachers, doctors, service men and women (all of which require creativity),...

The Reality of Living With Maternal OCD

After a grueling 17 hours of labor, my first daughter was born on a cold April morning at around two in the morning. It was long. It was painful. And then I held her....

My First Glimpse of My Child’s Sadness

As I re-watch so many of the Disney movies from my childhood with my daughter, I smile or chuckle to myself at jokes I had never noticed before. Those one-liners or references are strategically...

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Do you have a few items that you bought with a “someday project” in mind and then never completed the project? Do you enjoy doing things that are easy and give you a great...

10 Ways to Control Your Anger

I remember the first time I yelled at my daughter.  It was a cold winter’s evening and I was trying to put her to sleep. She was 18 months old. I could hear the...

Wake Up Call: My Role in My Daughter’s Future Body Image

The other morning I was halfway watching the end of Good Morning America while stacking cups with my daughter, Ella. One of the segments caught my attention as I heard something about how mothers can...