Jacqueline Graham is a single mom of a sassy four year old daughter, Danity, a full time Studio Director at a busy salon in Davenport & everybody's friend. Jacqueline grew up in Davenport, continued her education at Kirkwood Community College, & then ventured off to the Windy City. During her pregnancy with Danity, she decided to leave her event filled life in Chicago & raise her daughter in simplistic Iowa... But as you will find out her life is anything but simple. While trying to balance her career, her daughter & her passions, she is embarking on one of the most important journeys of her life. She is opening up to the world and sharing her step by step adventure in to becoming a Gestational Surrogate.

Opinions…and the Real Deal.

Since embarking on the surrogacy journey, I have learned how to take on the worst of the worst in critics.   Once I was telling people what my plans were, I never prepared myself for...

Jacqueline’s Journey to Surrogacy: Your Questions Answered!

Things with the surrogacy are moving rather slow this month, as I started my mock cycle.  A mock cycle is a full month of monitoring via a plethora of annoying doctors’ appointments, along with...

Baby Steps

Since connecting with my intended parents (IP's), we started speaking almost everyday.  We connected in February, and it's now June.  This should give you a pretty good idea on how slow this process can...

It Was All Meant To Be

In my last post, I told you all how I applied to two agencies and joined an online surrogate classified site, this helped me decide in the direction of my surrogate plan.  Just like...

Life-Changing Decisions: Jacqueline’s Journey

I have never had anything in my life handed to me. Things never came easy; I struggled in school, I struggled in my home life, in my relationships & within myself. That being said,...