Wife and work from home mom of 3. Loves her husband, kids and all their animals on their small rural Johnson county homestead.

Local Favorite Farm Shows, Fairs, and Festivals: 2018 Guide

The thing I love most about living in eastern Iowa are all the county fairs and our small town festivals. So much work and dedication make these happen year and after year by people...
why traditional gender roles works well for me in my marriage

Housewife and Loving Life: Gender Roles Work for Me

A Man's Man with Skills I fully expect my husband to be a man’s man. I want him to work hard all day, and cherish and protect me like I was his most prized possession....

Must-Have Mom Recipes: Recipes Passed Down From Generations Past

This post-holiday season has got me like whoa. From my husband’s recent job switch with new schedule to our world's constant streaming of current events, my brain is in overload right now and I...

5 Things to Know About Autism: From a Mom of an Autistic Child

Are you an au-some mom or part of an au-some family? "Au-some" means you are connected to someone awesome with autism. I’m an au-some mom to the sweetest little boy. Although he has special...
house divided: finding unity amidst differing opinions

A House Divided: Finding Unity Amidst Differing Opinions

Whether it’s by faith, politics, or parenting strategies, for numerous reasons, many of us live in a divided household. For example, I am a Catholic and my husband was raised Methodist. I am a...

Must-Have Mom Recipes: Iced Coffee and Edible Cookie Dough

Family life is busy. Fall is busy. There’s not a whole lot of time for little indulgences. Heck, I have to remind myself to eat actual food–not just pick grapes and Cheetos off my...