An image of shopping small. How you can support small businesses in the Iowa City area during COVID-19.

How to Support Local Businesses in the Iowa City Area Despite COVID-19

Ten days ago I was sitting in a full auditorium with six other family members watching my 7-year-old in his first grade musical. We celebrated with ice cream afterwards at Jon's Ice Cream, our...

Early Motherhood: 3 Things I Don’t Want To Forget

I remember the snuggles. The baby smells. How his tiny little head fit perfectly under my chin. I remember his tiny cries and how it felt when his little fingers wrapped around mine. I...

When The Stomach Flu Hits Your House: My Top 3 Survival Tips

I remember when I was about six months pregnant, one of my husbands co-workers said to him: “There will come a time when your child will throw up and you will willingly catch it. It’s...

Unpopular Opinion Alert: I Think It’s Ok To Come To A Complete Stop in...

Ok, mom tribe. I have to get something off my chest, and based on some of the posts I’ve seen in local Facebook mom groups, I am going to get lit up for this...

Mom Versus Sticker: Laundry Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

I think it is safe to say that as moms, we have our fair share of laundry to tackle. With kids, come messes! I've found myself on Google several times looking for tips, tricks,...

10 Things I Learned While Potty Training My Children

I’m going to be honest here and I give you permission to laugh. I thought that since I’d already been through potty training once with my son, that potty training my daughter would be...

The Preventative Care I Didn’t Know I Needed

Time to get real about our health, mamas.  We put ourselves on the back burners so many times–am I right? Our little people demand things, and if you're anything like me, you are so...

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Tiger Woods. Here’s Why:

Ok. Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I don’t watch golf. I don’t play it, I don’t follow it, and I don’t really understand it. It’s just never been...

The Sound of Silence: 5 Tickets to Mommy Quiet Time

When our son was tiny I remember how excited I was for him to start talking. I couldn’t WAIT for his first words, and I couldn’t WAIT for him to form those first sentences...
Snow Day Survival Momming Snowpocolypse Game

Snow Day Survival Momming: A Snowpocolypse Game

Count up your points for today, and tell us your score in the comments! Bonus points for achieving your high score before noon.  We have to survive this Polar Vortex somehow, right?