Image: Google Made me Cry

Google Made Me Cry

I am crying over a Google commercial. I guess this is where I'm at in life. I am sitting at the dinner table, fork full of food, gaping mouth, crying over a Google commercial. If...
A mom and her son in bed - advice I'm still ignorning

The Piece of Motherly Advice I Continue to Ignore

From the minute all of us mamas announce our pregnancy, the advice begins! I think it is part of being initiated into the mom tribe and most of the advice I really appreciated, but it...

Winter Break is Here: Four Favorite Simple Indoor Activities

Winter is upon us. Not just any winter, but winter 2020! Typically during the colder months we run off excess energy at local museums, indoor play spaces and malls, but just like every other...
thank you teachers

Dear Tiffin Elementary Teachers and Staff: Thank You

Dear Tiffin Elementary Teachers and Staff, I want to start by saying that making a decision regarding school this fall was not easy. I stressed and stressed. I lost sleep. We made our decision a...
Saying see you later during quarantine.

This Isn’t How I Pictured It: Saying “See Ya Later” During Quarantine

Just like everyone, I have good days and bad days during quarantine. One night in particular, I found myself sitting on our couch crying while my hubby put the kids to bed. It was...

Birthday in Quarantine: 5 Ways to Still Make It Special for Your Child

Birthdays are a time for gathering, socializing, and celebrating. So many of our traditions do not fall in line with social distancing, so in this time of quarantine how can we still make it...
An image of shopping small. How you can support small businesses in the Iowa City area during COVID-19.

How to Support Local Businesses in the Iowa City Area Despite COVID-19

Ten days ago I was sitting in a full auditorium with six other family members watching my 7-year-old in his first grade musical. We celebrated with ice cream afterwards at Jon's Ice Cream, our...

Early Motherhood: 3 Things I Don’t Want To Forget

I remember the snuggles. The baby smells. How his tiny little head fit perfectly under my chin. I remember his tiny cries and how it felt when his little fingers wrapped around mine. I...

When The Stomach Flu Hits Your House: My Top 3 Survival Tips

I remember when I was about six months pregnant, one of my husbands co-workers said to him: “There will come a time when your child will throw up and you will willingly catch it. It’s...

Unpopular Opinion Alert: I Think It’s Ok To Come To A Complete Stop in...

Ok, mom tribe. I have to get something off my chest, and based on some of the posts I’ve seen in local Facebook mom groups, I am going to get lit up for this...