Katie Ripke

Katie Ripke
Katie is a mama of two rambunctious, sweet, cuddly and highly energetic boys. Growing up in Mount Vernon, Iowa, she briefly left the area to attend college at the University of Northern Iowa, had a brief stint living in Chicago before settling down in Lisbon with her husband Bryan. Katie has been in the marketing field for over 10 years and is currently a marketing manager for an area health care organization. When she is not balancing life as a working mom, Katie enjoys binging on Netflix/Hulu, learning about all things boy and squeezing in a workout from time to time. Her current addictions include coffee, LaCroix, and cookies.

National Infertility Awareness Week: Six Ways to Deal with Infertility

This week is National Infertility Awareness week. A few months ago I shared my husband and I’s struggle to get pregnant. I am not sure I would say that I am a planner; I...

Dear Moms Before Me: I’m Sorry

Being a parent is probably the most humbling thing I have ever been a part of. I said to my mom the other day, “I wish I could go back in time and punch...

Homemade Baby Food: Tips and Tricks

I decided a while ago that I wanted to at least attempt to make baby food for my baby, Henrik. I am a fairly decent cook when I try, but it is more of...

{Spread the Love} Loving Myself At Any Age

My birthday is coming up. This year will be the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday. Translated – I’m turning 31. Last year, celebrating the big 3-0 was a little tough to swallow. It would...

Just Say No…Well, Maybe.

This post has two parts to it. First part, I thought I’d give you a little update on Henrik. He turned the big six months this past week and I just can’t believe it!...

5 Tips for Traveling With An Infant

Even though Henrik is only five months old, he’s got three hotel stays and an overnight stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s under his belt. As we were packing for our most recent trip, I...

A First Christmas

Clearly, this isn’t my first Christmas;  this will be the 30th one I have under my belt. Nor is it my husband and I’s first Christmas together;  this will be number five for us...

I Hate My Pump (And Why I Continue To Torture Myself)

For some reason, I always knew I would try to breastfeed when I had a baby. Like, since I was a kid I knew I would. I was three when my younger brother was...

The Reality of Infertility: A Vicious Roller Coaster

When I first found out I would be a contributor for Iowa City Moms Blog, I knew I wanted to write about our struggle with infertility at some point. It’s something that has made...

Swaddle Me Crazy

Last night, we tried to not swaddle Henrik for bedtime. He found his hand over the weekend, and now will stop at nothing to get it in his mouth, including busting out of the...