Lana Criswell is a born and bred Hawkeye fan who has lived in Iowa City for almost ten years! She came for college and never looked back. Lana has been married to her husband, Tom, for two years and is momma to Jessa (3.5 months) and Charlie, the dog. She finished graduate school nearly four years ago in speech-language pathology and works at Children’s Center for Therapy in Iowa City. She is excited to be able to work 80% time now and have some “girl time” with Jessa each week. Lana loves spending time with family and friends, cooking/baking, going to Hawkeye games, going on walks around the neighborhood with the dog, and reading.

To My Husband: I Notice

After two years of being part of the Iowa City Moms Blog, this will be my last post. It has been a fun (and very fast!) two years, and I truly can't believe that...

Frosting for Frosting-Haters!

Cake, frosting, and just about everything involved with those two "tasty" words are treats I avoid. I am not on a crazy diet, nor do I have food allergies. As far as I can...

Your Developing Child: Speech and Language of a Five-Year-Old

I have enjoyed compiling this series on speech and language development in young children. It is nice to think that I may be helping provide you with a bit of insight as to what...

My Message to Single Parents

I have decided to take a brief hiatus from my "speech and language development" posts to write about something that I have been thinking about again and again in recent weeks. What is this...

Your Developing Child: Speech and Language of a Four-Year-Old

At this point of this series, most of you know the drill. :) Read below to find out a bit about speech and language development in four-year-olds. For more information on what you should...

Your Developing Child: Speech and Language of a Three-Year-Old

A few weeks back, I wrote my first post in what I am considering to be a brief, hopefully helpful "series" of child speech and language development. For more information on what you should...

Your Developing Child: Speech and Language of a Two-Year-Old

As I've mentioned a time or two in previous posts, I'm a pediatric speech-language pathologist. While I am no expert in speech and language, I make judgement calls each day/week on whether or not...

The Uncanny Similarities Between Toddlers and Fur Babies

Now that my (not so much of a) baby girl is nearing two, she spends the better part of her days being cute, sassy, funny, and inquisitive...along with testing my limits. I know these...

Embracing the Unexpected

Our summer has been hectic, and it has been a rare occasion that we have been home for two whole days in a row with relatively few objectives. With weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers,...

5 Minute Energy Bars Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

I tend to be a person who thinks "I can make that!" or "I can cook this!" when out to eat, shopping, or simply watching TV. Sadly, I rarely follow through with these thoughts....