Mary, a native of Rockford, Illinois, attended DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where she received her BA in Secondary Art Education. In 2007, she moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa after accepting a position as a high school visual arts teacher with the Cedar Rapids Community School District. She and her husband, Collin, who is a teacher in the Iowa City Community School District, reside in Cedar Rapids with their daughters, Zoey and Munroe. Zoey is five and Munroe will be turning one in October 2016. In addition to being a full time mommy, full time teacher, and writer for the mom’s blog, she is also a professional artist who has shown and published works both nationally and internationally. Mary enjoys traveling, painting, and most of all, spending time with her family.

6 Quick and Easy School Time Snacks for the Online or In Person Learner

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Virtual Learning — To Do or Not To Do

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Advice: How to Talk to Your Child About the Holocaust

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New Student Jitters: 6 Ways to Support Your Anxious Child

My oldest (8) has always been known as a social butterfly. Just like my husband and I, it comes naturally to her to spark up conversation and to make friends. So of course we...