Nicole is full-time Mother-Baby Nurse at UIHC and full-time single momma to her 3 year old son, Griffin. She grew up in Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa. She lived in Chicago for almost 4 years before moving back to Iowa City to start a family with her (now ex) husband. After struggling with infertility and undergoing In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfers, she worked hard for the title of Mom. Feeling complete as a family of three, they donated their last remaining embryo to another couple, which has been an interesting and complex process. Nicole’s next conquest is to get her Lactation Certification and do some in-home consultation on the side. Her other passions are hiking, reading non-fiction science (or parenting) books, Sudoku, being mamarazzi/managing Griffin’s modelling hobby, visiting museums, and listening to podcasts. She describes herself as resilient, passionately curious, coffee-obsessed, science nerd.

5 Embarrassing Questions Only Other Parents Would Understand

When you're a parent, there are times when words come out of your mouth that you would have never thought you'd say out loud. If you've ever found yourself thinking, "Did I really just...

Another Point-Of-View: Raising A Man, Not A Boy

From the moment I found out I was having a son, my wheels began turning.  My kiddo went from being an “it” to a “he,” and I couldn’t have been more excited.  With my...
infertility awareness

Infertility Awareness: Compassion And Empathy From The Other Side

When I decided I wanted a baby with my husband at age 25, I had no idea what rabbit hole I was heading down.  Here are a few things I didn’t anticipate: The amount of...
MomFail, sadbaby, crying, tears, badmom

7 #Momfails From Just This Week

I’ll be the first to admit it, I DO NOT have it all together (whatever IT is). It’s not even close to together for me.  Pre-kids, I was the epitome of the organized, Type A...

Truths of the Night Shift Mom

The night shift life is not for the faint of heart. Take the demands of a night shift job, add in the demands of a stay-at-home-mom, and you've got yourself an uphill battle. Working...

Safe Sleep: Merging Research With Real Life

“When you get home with baby, make sure you’re following the ABC’s of safe sleep for SIDS prevention.  Alone, on their Back, in their Crib.”  I have recited that sentence countless times in the...

Internal Thoughts of an Anxiety Mom

Do other moms stress as much as I do about how I can raise my little boy into a good, adult human? I don’t just want him to be a functional member of society,...

Parenting The Precocious: My Kid is Better at Adulting Than I Am.

Most kids get along with their age peers and are a bit above average.  Those kids do well in school and tend to make friends with other kids their age.  Then there are the...

A Letter To My Son On My Last Day of Maternity Leave

Today you are ten weeks and two days old, and today is the last day of my maternity leave. As I mentally prepare to head back to work – taking care of other people’s...