Sharon Falduto is a Central Iowa native who came to University of Iowa in 1991 and essentially never left the area. She is involved in local community theater, notably as one of the co-founders of Iowa City's Dreamwell Theatre. She has also directed children's plays with the Young Footliters group. Sharon works in with English Language Learners in a support position at Kirkwood Community College.. She lives in Coralville with her husband, Matt, and three daughters Rachel, Samantha, and Piper.

A Q&A with my Two Daughters: Checking in On Online School

My daughters attend Iowa City schools. We chose online school for at least the first trimester.  Samantha is in eleventh grade at West High, and Piper is in eighth grade at Northwest Junior High. Or they...

Pandemic Humor: Meet the 2020 Historical American Girl Doll

You’ve met the American Girls of history — Kit Kittredge, who weathered hard times with grit and gratitude during the Great Depression. Melody Ellison, who lifted her voice for fairness and freedom in 1963....
Making Chex Mix

How To Make Quarantine Chex Mix

Lots of people are using their newly found down time to bake bread, for some reason. I guess people were really wanting to make bread, and now they suddenly have time? Our family is not....

Our Derecho 2020 Story

I’m going to acknowledge that my family and I, in north Coralville, are really, really lucky. Our power was only out for 15 hours—from about 12:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon to 3:45 a.m. on...

Batteries and Bunnies: Parenting Big Kids in Quarantine

I’m going to let you in on a secret: The Iowa City Moms Contributers talk to each other. Each month, before a deadline, our editor asks what we’re going to write about. Topics are...

Wait, Younger Women! Read This About Menopause

I want to tell you this now, so that you can file it away in the back part of your brain and access it later when you need it. “Oh yeah,” you’ll think. “I...

The Abrupt End of Freshman Year Due to COVID-19

Last year, right around this time, I posted a photo on Facebook and wrote, "That's the last spring break for us." My daughter Rachel planned to go to school at Northwest Missouri State University,...
pop music

OK, Boombox: Let’s Talk About Pop Music

Recently, I listened to a remastered Casey Kasem Top 40 countdown from 1986. The music that Casey played reconnected me to my youth, and put a smile on my face. You might not recognize...

Mom Dates: Getting Together Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

I let my Costco membership lapse. I don’t know about you, but my children seem to suffer from the Costco problem–they tell me they like something, so I go buy a lot of that...

Iowa City Area Live Theaters

The play's the thing... and Iowa City and its surrounding area has a number of local venues for you to watch–or get involved with–live theater. Whether it's your preference to be on the stage...