Susie is a mom of two, student affairs professional, book-lover and frequent challah baker. Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Susie first came to Iowa City for college and grad school. The following decade was full of adventure and moving boxes as she and her husband followed jobs to New York, Illinois and Texas. They were thrilled to relocate “home” to Iowa City in 2016. In addition to working at the UI Pomerantz Career Center, Susie is a PTA volunteer and sorority advisor. She loves date nights in the Ped Mall, catching a show at Hancher or the Englert, and most of all, cuddling her kids on the couch.
Hanukkah Menu and Recipes

Have Hanukkah Your Way: A Flexible & Easy Menu

During Hanukkah, I love setting aside a night for a traditional family dinner. In the midst of the noise and busy-ness of December, the table can be a quiet and light-filled space. Depending on the...

Guide to Area Parent-Teacher Groups

When my son started kindergarten, it felt like stepping into a new city without a map. I could read the street signs, but it was difficult to navigate a new landscape of school culture,...

Welcome to Preschool Soccer: The 6 REAL Positions

Welcome to preschool soccer!  As you look around our field, you'll notice players demonstrating the highly specialized skills we emphasize early in our program.  Coaches identify the natural talents of each player and use...

Can We Agree to Stop Telling New Moms, “Just Wait?”

If you spend any time on parenting pages, you'll quickly learn there are a few phrases that are, well...discouraged.  In general, it's preferable to not comment on someone's body ("Are there twins in there?"),...

Money Hacks: One Small Switch That Changed the Way I Budget

Moving to Iowa City meant a new expense in our monthly budget: parking. Within my first week at University of Iowa, I was lucky to find an off-campus private business that leased spots in...
Fireworks shows

Iowa City Area Fireworks Shows

Happy 4th of July!  Here are some of our favorite fireworks shows around the area. Grab a blanket or some chairs, pack up some bug spray and your family, and get ready to oooh and...

Iowa City Area Summer Events Calendar

There is something special about summer in Iowa City.  Throw your lawn chairs in the trunk, grab the sunblock, and enjoy a jam-packed season of festivals, farmers’ markets, and food.  There are just too many events...

Hello, Rogaine: Facing the Reality of My (Thinning) Hair

Eight months ago, I finally opened a box that had been sitting my bathroom for years.  I couldn't remember exactly when I bought the box of Women's Rogaine, but I had a rough idea. ...

Your Stuff Can Still Spark Joy: Where to Donate and Consign Locally

What happens when winter brings us both the polar vortex and the popular Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Take a quick look in your dresser: if your clothes are neatly folded and...
The Runners' Club: It's not what you think

The Runners’ Club: It’s Not What You Think

I am a member of the Runners' Club.  You won't find me out on a trail or treadmill.  There are no exhausted but triumphant pictures of me at the finish line.  This is a...