Viviane Nixon

Viviane Nixon

Where Do You Stand?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Where do you stand? If you...
An image of the author's two children as she reflects on Black History Month.

We Can Do Better: Teaching Our Children About Black History

The other day, I picked up my two youngest children from school, and on the way home, my daughter proceeded to tell me that she learned about a preacher’s son named Martin. When she did...
Christmas tree farms near Iowa City

Where to Buy a Live Christmas Tree Near Iowa City

One of my favorite Christmas songs that I love playing in the background while decorating our Christmas tree is the old time favorite, O Tannenbaum. We play both the German and English version on...

Racism in America: Starting the Conversation (Part 1)

Today, it seems that most people are reluctant to share their opinions on any subject matter involving race in fear of being unfairly labeled a racist or accused of “pulling the race card”. So how...

Loving My Brown Skin & Teaching My Daughter to Do the Same

Have you ever heard a song that speaks to your very soul, or one that triggers old memories? Just by hearing that song, perhaps, you've felt overwhelmingly taken by a sudden, surprising emotion. Well,...

The Chess World Is About To Have A Party!

Recently, we embarked on a road trip to visit the chess capital of the United States. Unless you are part of the chess community, you and many other folks may be unaware that the...

Shrimp Ceviche Recipe: A Spring and Summer Favorite

The first time that I had shrimp ceviche was a couple years ago during a trip to central Florida. My very first bite of this delicious dish invoked long lost memories of childhood when...

No Heels! Say WHAT?! | The Power of Positive Thinking

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be involved in a motor vehicular accident which left me with a substantial amount of  injuries to recover from. And yes, I did say fortunate....

Living La Vida Chess: A Parent’s Perspective on Chess Tournaments

It’s been awhile, and they haven’t come out yet. Well, maybe that’s a good sign–they are still holding on or fighting for that win. I surely hope it’s going okay in there. How are...

Chess in Iowa: A Whole World of Opportunities for Kids!

If I had been asked a couple years ago to name a famous chess player, I would have said that I had no idea. I was completely and utterly ignorant to the “chess world”...