"How many kids do you have?" It’s really an innocent question, but one I always struggle to answer. I'm a mom to three little boys; two of them are earth side and very much alive and active and my first...

Our Derecho 2020 Story

I’m going to acknowledge that my family and I, in north Coralville, are really, really lucky. Our power was only out for 15 hours—from about 12:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon to 3:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Our deep freeze...

Born Sleeping

Shortly before my 38th birthday, we discovered I was pregnant. This would be my fourth pregnancy and the journey up until this point was long and difficult, struggling with years of infertility and loss. My first pregnancy ended in...
One year ago, our family pet–our cat, Tommy–died. He got really sick, really quickly, and it was completely unexpected. We had adopted him from the shelter when he was a kitten and our children were six, three, and one....



March Madness Bingo: Iowa Women

March Madness has arrived, and for our household that means non.stop. basketball.watching.  We know that it's the same for many of you and your...

Summer Camp Guide 2024

Let’s Take A Break!