I am a small town Iowa girl who is loving life in the Iowa City area. I graduated from The University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Elementary and Middle Level education. I moved to the Iowa City area for my first teaching job and never looked back. It is here in Iowa City where I met my husband, Robert, married him, and we started our family. After our oldest was born, I left the classroom to be a stay at home mommy. We are the parents of three; Gabe (April 2013), Maggie (April 2015), and Julianna (September 2017). In addition to being a stay at home mom, I also substitute teach occasionally. I have many hobbies and interests. I love to be active by running and working out. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, trying new recipes, playing board and card games and being involved in church. I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy cheering on the Hawkeyes, UNI Panthers, and the Chicago Cubs. I feel grateful for our little family. Life as a mom of three is busy and chaotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way
Family hiking: A year since our lives changed forever in a pandemic

It’s Been a Year Since Our Lives Changed Forever

“525,600 minutes. 525,600 minutes. How do you measure a year in the life?” A year. One whole year since our lives changed forever. The song “Seasons of Love” takes on a whole new meaning...
Book: "The World Needs More Purple People"

“The World Needs More Purple People” – A Book Review

As a mother and teacher, I am constantly trying to keep up on the latest books in publication. I love discovering books that tell a good story and teach a valuable lesson. I recently...
One of 5 books about Black leaders: Martin's Big Words

5 Books That Teach Children About Black Leaders

As a former full-time elementary classroom teacher, I absolutely loved this time of the year. It is a moment when we pause and think about lessons of kindness, of peaceful protest, and of marches...

2020: A Year of Reflection

2020 . . . what a year. For so many of us, this year was hard. It was a year of loss. It was a year of isolation. It was a year of uncertainty. It...

Surviving (and Thriving) Iowa Winters with Kids: The Ultimate Tip List

Until you experience it, it is hard to fully describe an Iowa winter. Follow these tips for surviving and enjoying winter weather — these ideas are also helpful reminders for Iowans who might "forget"...

Life’s Little Lessons: Love, Love, and More Love

Just recently, I was at Costco for my weekly grocery run. After unloading my groceries into my van, I noticed a woman in the parking lot struggling to get an awkward shaped, heavy box...
First day of kindergarten during a pandemic.

Starting Kindergarten During A Pandemic

As I sit here and write this piece, I am filled with so many emotions. On any given moment, I go from being excited to sad, to frustrated to joyful. Let me explain. You...
An image of a mother and daughter

Bravery: The Word to Describe Motherhood

Brave. Do you consider yourself to be a brave person? If I were to use adjectives to describe myself, brave probably would not be at the top of my list. I mean, after all,...
a family enjoying a socially distant walk

A Socially Distant Walk: The Reprieve My Family Needed

As I write this, we are in the thick of social distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic. In our family, our daily life looks something like this: My husband works from home and I homeschool...
An image of a child feeling sad

Hitting the Reset Button: My Parenting Realization During This Pandemic

COVID-19. Do your days right now just feel like endless re-runs of the movie Groundhog Day where everything is the same every single day and it feels like there is no end in sight?...