Jillian Kohl

Jillian Kohl

Capturing Moments, For the Record

I am one of those parents who takes many, many pictures and videos in an effort to capture life moments as they are happening. I don’t know how else to try and collect as...

Guide to 2023 Run And Walk Events in the Iowa City Area

With warmer weather making it’s way back to the midwest this spring, many are looking forward to spending more time outside. As a runner, this time of year usually involves enjoying more running (and...

Getting to the Other Side of Divorce

“It gets better.” “There’s life after divorce.” These were things said to me in the early-going of the divorce process. I only sort of believed them, and only from the people who had already been there....

Working Through Divorce Bias

A year has passed now since becoming a divorced mom. I still have a hard time saying that. I strongly dislike the word divorce, and I’ve been trying to figure out why that is....

Getting Through Grief: One Little Choice At A Time

It’s 2023, and I just got done going for a run in my bright orange running shoes. I’m 41, recently divorced, a single mom now, living in Iowa once again after residing in a...
Ten Best Iowa City Sledding Hills graphic

10 Best Sledding Hills in the Iowa City Area

With the snow falling (AGAIN!) , it’s time to bundle up and hit the sledding slopes! If you're wondering where some great hills are, read on for a list of some of the best...