Meg is a transplant to the Midwest. Originally a Louisiana native, she moved to Iowa with her family in the summer of 2016 for her husband’s residency program. She and Addison have four daughters: Kate, born November 2013; Adrienne, born December 2016; and, Elizabeth and Caroline, born November 2018. Meg is a University of Richmond grad with a PR, government affairs and community outreach background.

Let’s Talk Curly and Wavy Hair

I have rarely wished for straight hair, but there are periods of time when I am more at peace with the state of my curls. Having a bunch of kids in a relatively short period...

A Socially Distanced Goodbye: Moving During a Pandemic

There is a video from six-and-a-half years ago of my newborn kicking on a blanket. Because I can’t seem to stop talking long enough to take a video, a conversation with my brother was...

To the Person in Charge of Planning Mother’s Day — Here are Some Ideas

Hi, The mom in your life may need a little extra TLC during the COVID pandemic—and it just so happens that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. The first thing to do is to talk...

The New Way to Shop Local During COVID-19

Stores nationwide are rolling out online sales to keep afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're looking to do some retail therapy while at home, start with locally owned shops. Our local brick and mortar...

Celebrate Mardi Gras with these Events in Iowa City

As Iowans, Mardi Gras is probably not on the radar . . . but who doesn't love another excuse to celebrate? Fat Tuesday, as it's also known, is February 25, 2020, and there are...
An image of of a mother holding her baby because a babysitter can help her out.

A Thank You to the Babysitters Who Help Make Me a Better Mom

Winter break cemented a truth for me. I like having my kids under the same roof, but not alone (for long stretches of time). So, while everyone else was happy to have their kids...

Frozen 2 Takeaways: 3 Versatile Lessons for Everyone

Like many families with small children, we made it to the movie theater (on time!) to catch Frozen 2 opening weekend. I am convinced Frozen will never leave us. There will never be a Halloween...
Photo: Thanksgiving table

A Guide to Local Thanksgiving Food Options

The first year after college, I couldn't afford to take days off work or to fly home. With my Real Simple magazine full of recipes in hand, I tried to mask being homesick by...

Five Lessons from the NICU (That Any Parent Can Learn From)

When my oldest was discharged from the hospital at the same time as me, I took it as a given. I was mainly worried that because I’d gone into labor the slightest bit early,...

Breastfeeding Round-up: Stories & Support for the Nursing Mama

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and boy do we all have something to say on the topic. How we feed our babies feels a little like how they come into the world—there are many similarities...