Help! My baby won’t take a bottle!

New mom in the corner over here today. I had big plans to write a post on how to travel internationally with an infant, but I felt that I needed to be seeking advice today rather than giving it, so here I am. 

My daughter, Julia, is six months old. We have been extremely fortunate to have breastfed since birth and it’s a relationship that I’m really proud of. Those first two weeks of nursing after coming home from the hospital were brutal. I wish somebody had warned me as to how painful breastfeeding would be. Pregnancy was a breeze, I had an easy labor, and my recovery was going very well. But breastfeeding?! I cried every time she latched on, and then cried again every time she lost her latch and we’d have to start the process all over again. Just when I found myself starting to dread feedings and wondering if it was worth it, she suddenly became this champion little nurser. We quickly fell into a routine together and it has been one of my most joyful experiences as a new mother thus far. Here were are now, six months later and weighing in at well over twenty pounds. Julia likes her milk.  

However, she has also become quite stubborn and defiant. As in, she wants her milk from the source and will have absolutely nothing to do with a bottle, a sippy, or anything other than a boob. 

julia bottle two

This was okay, as I only work two days a week and am able to run home quick on my lunch breaks to nurse her the days that I am at work, but it’s not ideal. With multiple weddings out of state this coming spring/summer and a weekend get-away planned with my graduating law student, there will be times when Julia is forced to go a couple of days and nights without nursing. 

I’m a little worried. I know that eventually when she gets hungry enough, she’ll take something.  But what do I do? We have tried multiple bottles, introduced a sippy cup, and even recently tried putting breast milk into a regular cup and helping her to drink it. At first I thought that maybe the thawed breast milk tasted differently causing her to reject the bottle, so then we went and bought stock in all different kinds of formulas. Julia would try all of these new alternatives, but as soon as she discovered it wasn’t the real source she stubbornly refused to take it anymore. My husband is the one that will give her a bottle, but even then she still “gums” it and lets the milk trickle down her chin. We’ve tried implementing this as a regular routine, but no real improvements. She is eating solids now, but I know that it’s primarily to let her experiment and that it is not enough to satisfy all of her needs.  

She’ll be staying with our parents while we are gone on these weekend trips. For that, I am extremely grateful. I want Julia to be a happy baby with a full tummy while we are away. I’m just not sure exactly what else to do… 

Has anyone been through this? What worked for you? I find the bottle and sippy cup selections to be SO overwhelming – has anyone found one that their baby loved?


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