A Father’s Day Message to Our Husbands

As you all know, Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. So the ladies of Iowa City Moms Blog wanted to take a little time to honor our husbands for being such amazing fathers. It takes a special person to be a great dad, and we appreciate all of them for helping our children learn, laugh, and grow into amazing little people!

Brook (about her husband Bill):

Super Dad to the Rescue!

He’s faster than a speeding toddler.

He’s more powerful than a three-year-olds temper tantrum.

He’s able to leap LEGO towers in a single bound.

He’s super dad! While he may not wear a cape, he’s super to us.

In all honesty he’s the glue that holds our little family together. If it wasn’t for him permission slips would never be signed, library books would never be returned and no one would make it to tee-ball on time.

I watch him with our sons, teaching them how to be little men. Educating them on the ways of the world like how to kill flies with magazines, the origins of all the superheroes, how to tell the truth and that nose doinks make life better.

It makes my heart sing, and I’m so very grateful to have him as a SUPER husband a SUPER Dad.

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KatieThis is my amazing husband Bryan. In some people’s eyes, we are not parents yet since our little one is not due to arrive for another eight weeks. However, I already consider us both mommy and daddy. Bryan is going to be the most amazing father. He is so excited for the arrival of our baby and is adamant that he does not miss a thing. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is seeing the relationship he develops with our son and how that will grow over the years. Bryan is a big kid himself so in addition to being a great role-model for our son, I know they’re going to be best friends as well. He will kill me if I go into detail on the many ways he shows his love for our baby already, so I’ll keep that between him and I. I am so excited for this exciting new chapter in our life and beyond blessed that I get to share it with him… Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I did get him a Father’s Day present – two brand new light sabers for he and our son to play with together, once he’s old enough of course.



Father's Day Collage KaitI always knew Josh would be an amazing daddy. From the minute we first started dating, actually.  You see, we met when we were both counselors at a church camp, so I got to see first-hand from the time we met how much he loves kids and how he seems to connect with them. But even seeing him in that environment, and with his nieces and nephews, couldn’t really compare to seeing him with our children. Here we are, almost 11 years after that first date, with 2 girls and a boy on the way…and I am still amazed at his unending love and the ease with which he transitioned to fatherhood. He’s had an amazing bond with both of our girls from the moment they were born, and they are Daddy’s Girls through and through.  My favorite part of the day is seeing them run to the door as soon as they hear the garage door at night and literally leap into his arms as he comes in the door. In fact, if Daddy is around, then Mama is chopped liver. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love the way Josh always makes time for our girls and makes us all a priority in his life. Our children are blessed to have a great daddy who loves them, takes care of them, and makes time to just be with them. And who takes joy in doing so.  In turn, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and am thankful every day!



When my husband and I decided to try for a baby, I never wondered for a second whether or not he would be a great dad.  Although all men (and women) have some “duh” moments when parenting, Tom has been nothing but a wonderful, loving, silly, fun dad.  One measure of how much you are loved in our household is the number of nicknames you have.  Jessa seems to have a new one every day or two, and each one means that her father becomes more and more enamored with her each day.  I very regularly hear, “Isn’t she just great?” or, “Don’t you just love her?”  Tom, just like any new dad, can’t help but smile when he looks at his little girl.  He has even informed me that he only wants girls in the family!  During a birth class we took prior to having Jessa, all the dads were asked what they were looking forward to the most.  Many said spending the holidays with the new baby or simply seeing what he/she would look like.  Tom’s response was that he was excited to teach her to read.  This did not surprise me at all, as Tom LOVES to read.  It melts my heart each time they read books together, and although we love having our little baby, we both look forward to the time that she can read to him.

Tom has been amazing when it comes to helping with the baby.  The only task he reports is a “mommy job” is clipping her nails, but he has even done that a time or two!  He frequently asks me if I want to go out with friends during the weekend or go work out in the evening.  Since I work and miss my baby when she is at daycare, I don’t take him up on his offers every time. But, it is the thought that counts!  Tom has been a fabulous daddy for six months, and he deserves an awesome first father’s day!  Hopefully Jessa and I can make that happen.

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Kelsey- family picSomeone once told me that one of the best things about having a child was how it makes you fall in love with your spouse all over again.  Just like everything else you are told before your first child is born, this is something you can’t fully understand until you hold your baby in your arms.  Watching Alex fall in love with Julia has changed the way I love him.  Don’t get me wrong, I was madly in love with him when it was just us, but witnessing him transform from a man to a father has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I know that the bond he and Julia has is different than the bond I share with her or him, alone.  Their relationship is uniquely theirs, and will always be a private intangible thing that no one else will ever be able to duplicate.  Sometimes I feel like I have been given a secret gift; a private front row seat to something priceless…this journey of their relationship.  This is something I didn’t anticipate as I daydreamed about my unborn baby, and the surprising joy it has brought me is something I cherish every day.



Matt Fathers DayIn 12th grade English class, our teacher asked us to write down a quick paragraph about where we thought we would be in 5-10 years.  I wrote that I would be married to Matt Meehan (who sat next to me in that English class and who had been my boyfriend since 10th grade), that I would be a Spanish teacher, and that we would have 2 or 3 kids and a house by then.  Well, if you know me, you know that all of these things are true.  As the 10th anniversary of our high school graduation passed last week, I thought about that assignment and laughed a bit to myself.  A lot of things have happened in these past ten years, and I’ll be honest and say that a lot of those things weren’t so great.  Life isn’t always beautiful, and sometimes our families have to go through some really rough stuff.  But, my little dreams on that piece of loose-leaf paper in English class have come true, and the reality is that those dreams weren’t so little after all.  Every day (and I mean every day) I thank God for my husband Matt, who is always exactly the person I need in my life, and who continues to surprise me by being the very best daddy to our three children.  In our thirteen years together, I can probably count the days that he has gotten more than 6 hours of sleep.  He works hard, loves our little family, and makes me laugh.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Happy Father’s Day, Matt.  Here’s to many, many more years of celebrating you and the bond that you share with our littles.


I am so blessed to call Gabriel John my husband; and I know the Lord hand-picked him to be the Daddy to our three gorgeous kiddos! His comedic personality brings so much excitement and laughter to our family. You can usually find him jumping around on the trampoline with the munchkins, showing the boys how to play video games, or teaching the children about healthy eating while admiring the growth of our first garden.  He is very passionate about music and is able to share his talents through his worship team position at First Love Ministries. He is an amazing leader for this family, setting a wonderful example of how to be a true follower of Christ. Some of my favorite moments are seeing him snuggled up on the couch with our 3 babies watching Iron Man or assisting him in a game of “please, please, please” with the kiddos – a high-energy game where Mom and Dad are tickle monsters!! Gabe is loved and adored by each one of us in this fam and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Father’s Day, Gabriel! WE LOVE YOU!!!


We want to hear about the amazing guys that make YOUR lives and the lives of your children great! Please leave a comment lifting up those special dads, and make sure he sees it! Happy Father’s Day from Iowa City Moms Blog! We hope you all have an amazing Father’s Day weekend! 

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