Frugal Friday: Second Installment

We recently introduced a new series called Frugal Friday. This is the post where we share some of our great finds…whether they be at garage sales, thrift stores, online shopping, or from somewhere else! We’ve loved hearing some of the great deals you’ve scored, and we want to hear more!! Send us an email at contact (at) iowacitymomsblog (d0t) com with your photos and the prices of your great deals, and we’ll feature you in our next Frugal Friday post!

Kaitlyn: As many of you know, last weekend several local communities held city-wide garage sales. The weather was great, and shopping was even better! I was excited to get out and find some great deals! Now, I had my girls with me, so it made going to garage sales interesting, as you can imagine.  My 1 year old does not like to sit in the stroller for long.  I have to tell you, I really appreciate the sales where the kids have little lemonade stands set up, especially if they have cookies! This makes my girls very happy, which makes my shopping a little easier! I found a few great things, but the best was a big bag of boys clothes, plus a maternity shirt, and a brand-new photo book with the tags still on for $6!!

Kait Frugal



Sara: For my van-load of little garage-salers, this week was the “week of the dresses and skirts”.  Great for mommy and little Nora, not so great for two big brothers who are on the lookout for Buzz Lightyear and anything with the word Ninja in it.  Anyhow, I was happy to find this adorable denim skirt for 25 CENTS and this soft, comfy Abercrombie sundress for $3.





For little Nora, I found this handmade skirt with little hearts on it for 75 cents and this BRAND NEW Fourth of July dress, with the tags still on it, for 50 CENTS. Seriously!  We are loving the feedback on the new “Frugal Friday” posts, so please keep sharing! We love hearing all about your great bargains! Remember, feel free to send pictures (and prices that you paid) to contact(at)iowacitymomsblog(dot)com.  Thanks so much!  Hooray for a good bargain!

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