ICMB Funniest Holiday Photo Contest!

This morning on the blog, Shari posted some great tips on how to take pictures of our kiddos that are Christmas-card ready.  We hope that her tips come in handy as you all prepare for this season of holiday cards, family photos, and lots of snail mail. However….let’s face the reality here, moms.  Sometimes, it’s just plain impossible to get a good picture of our children.  We’ve all had those moments.  We pick out the perfect matching outfits, we get them a good night’s rest and a nap to boot, and then bam, random meltdown for no reason whatsoever.  Ah, motherhood.

But, we here at the Iowa City Moms Blog bring you GOOD TIDINGS today, my fellow moms!  Now is your chance to bring out those less-than-perfect holiday photos, and terrifying trips to see Santa at the mall, and put them to good use!  We are having a FUNNIEST HOLIDAY PHOTO CONTEST!


How to Enter:

  • Email your hilarious “oops” holiday photos to [email protected] by Noon CST on Wednesday, December 9, 2013.
  • All of the pictures received will be posted in an album on our Facebook page by 5:00pm CST on Thursday (December 10th). The picture that receives the most “likes” (in our official entry album) by Sunday, December 14th at Noon CST will win!  (winner will be announced at this time)
  • **IMPORTANT: You may also gain ADDITIONAL votes on Instagram!!  Post your photo (the same photo that you email us) to Instagram using the hashtag #icmbholidayphoto and ask your friends and family to “like” it there, too!  (all “likes” on Instagram photos will be considered votes as well)

Official Rules:

  • -Pictures should be family friendly. ICMB reserves the rights to use discretion in which pictures are posted.
  • -Only submit pictures to which you have the legal rights (i.e. they are your children and it’s your photograph – if it’s a professional picture, please credit the photographer in a comment and disclose that you have rights to post). By sending the picture to Iowa City Moms Blog, you are agreeing to having the image posted on social media.
  • -Pictures must be EMAILED to [email protected], not posted to our Facebook page. ICMB will not accept pictures posted to the page as official contest entries.
  • -Pictures must be liked in the album on our Facebook page, not on a picture that is shared. So please be sure that you are clear with your friends and family when asking them to vote! Only album image “likes” will be counted (this means your friends and family have to go to the ICMB Facebook page, scroll through the album and vote).
  • -Only ONE PHOTO per family, please.  If you enter on Facebook and Instagram, you will need to use the same photo.  We will not accept multiple photos from the same name, so please just choose your favorite!


For the Winner:

If your picture receives the most “likes” (both in the Facebook album and on Instagram) we have quite the prize for you!  Our friends at Erin Condren Design will be sending you a $40 gift certificate to make some BEAUTIFUL, non-oops holiday cards this year!  *Warning:  If you have not looked at the Erin Condren website before, please proceed with caution.  The cuteness is nearly unbearable, and you will likely spend the rest of your day clicking through all that she has to offer.*  That being said, click here for a peek at what she has to offer for the holidays!

So, what are you waiting for?  Take the plunge, pull out the photo that you really wanted to delete, and send it our way!  You might just have a winner!

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