Moms 4 Moms Day

moms4moms2Have you heard of Moms 4 Moms Day?  Well, if not, let us tell you a little bit more!  This day, March 4th (TOMORROW) is a day that will be dedicated to the effort to end the “mommy wars”.  We all know what that means.  Judgment, criticism, insults, and more.  Working moms judging stay at home moms.  Stay at home moms criticizing the choices of those who work.  Don’t you think it’s about time to stop all this and just love and support one another?  We think so, too!

Moms 4 Moms Day,  brought to us by The Bump and CT working moms, and their vision is the following:

“The journey to motherhood is flooded with decisions (from the type of diapers you’ll buy, to the ways you’ll feed your infant, to the sleep-training methods you’ll subscribe to) and our goal is to support, encourage and stand behind each and every mother’s choices — and Moms for Moms Day is our way of putting an end to the judgments that moms make toward one another.”  (to read more, click here.

moms4moms1As you know, this is very similar to our mission here at the Iowa City Moms Blog.  From day 1 (and day 2) of this blog, we have reminded you that our number one purpose is to connect moms and to support each other no matter what.  For that reason, we are very excited to participate in the Moms 4 Moms Day initiative and all that it stands for in the world of mommyhood.

Won’t you join us in this effort to end the mommy wars?  Here’s how!

Across the nation, tomorrow (March 4th) moms will be taking pictures of themselves with a sign (see more below) representing an aspect of their motherhood journey.  To join us in this effort to encourage one another and support all moms, snap a picture holding your sign sharing messages of love and support.  Take a picture with just yourself or grab a girlfriend or two and snap away!  When posting the pictures (to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter…or all three!), please use #moms4moms and #icmomsblog so we can see them!

moms4moms3Oh, and don’t worry!  The Bump has made it super simple- no having to make your own sign! Check out their free printable templates. Super simple!

We will be watching your photos, and be sure to follow the hashtag #moms4moms to watch the movement grow.  We will be sharing photos from our own team via social media throughout the day!

So let’s unite and “love more and judge less”!

At Iowa City Moms Blog we’re a group of local moms who are passionate about connecting other moms to one another and to our community! Whether you’re an experienced mom, a newbie, expecting, or aspiring to be a mom someday, this blog is for you! Join us as we navigate this journey that is motherhood in the Iowa City area!


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