Reality in Parenting: Mom Truths

Do you let your kids eat mac ‘n cheese for lunch? Let them watch tv so you can make dinner/work/clean/nap? Is your house usually a disaster? Do you sneak cookies while you make your kids eat vegetables? Guess what…you’re not alone!!

This past Tuesday, we at the Iowa City Moms Blog participated in the Moms 4 Moms initiative, alongside CT Working Moms, The Bump, and our own sister sites from the City Moms Blog Network.  We were BLOWN AWAY by the response!  Moms around the country participated in this show of solidarity, posting pictures of themselves with signs portraying their “mommy truths”, and by using the hashtag #moms4moms we were able to follow along and join the fun!  What a testament to the power of moms, and the confidence that can come from just one simple picture on Instagram or Facebook.  In addition to breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, cloth diapers vs. disposable, or homemade baby food vs. pre-packaged, moms went out of their comfort zones to admit “my kids eat mac’n cheese for lunch every day” or “I had an epidural and I loved it!”.  These truths, these moments of bravery and opening our hearts, are the true meaning of friendship among mommies.  Just knowing that another mom is pulling her hair out and feeding her kids candy at 7am can REALLY do wonders for our self-esteem and our sanity!

This movement, an effort to end the “mommy wars” and promote supportive relationships between moms, was such an encouragement to us that we wanted to share some of these “mom truths” with you today!  A special thanks to our Iowa City Moms Blog writers for participating, to all of our readers who sent in photos, and to some of our sister sites for sharing theirs here as well.  Enjoy!


Thanks to our friends  from New Orleans Moms Blog, Alamo City Moms Blog, Houston Moms Blog and Tampa Bay Moms Blog for sharing your truths with us!  We are so proud to be a part of this amazing network of mommy bloggers around the nation!  By the way…if you know any friends or family who live in an area that does not yet have a sister site for the City Moms Blog Network, tell them to contact us for more information on starting their own moms blog in their area! {[email protected]}

We’d love to keep the conversation going!! Feel free to continue to share your Mom Truths with us on Instagram: using the hashtags #moms4moms and #icmomsblog!! Let’s join together in the journey called motherhood and share love, not judgment!!



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  1. I love this idea! You are an encouraging community and I appreciate that so much! Thanks for letting us all join in.


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