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:Blogger Dash Family Dental Center: 2nd Annual ICMB Blogger Dash ::

Well, another COLD 5K  is in the books!  We promise, we did not intend for Blogger Dash to be freezing (literally) every year, but it looks like we may be setting a trend!  But, despite the bitter temps, we are so grateful to all of you runners/walkers, and our awesome sponsors, for coming out and joining us for a great morning in the park!

Special thanks to our co-host, The Family Dental Center, for coming out and providing an awesome table at our Health Fair!  We must admit, we had a little laugh about the dentists handing out candy, but they said they do make an exception at Halloween time!  Plus, it was a great distraction for the kiddos while their mommies and daddies went for a run!

Blogger Dash RunnersThe 5K

We had another great turn out for the 5K, and City Park is such a beautiful location for a run!  Under all those hats, ear muffs, and sweatshirts, we saw lots of smiling faces, and everyone was eager to get on the move and get the blood flowing!  This year’s winners were Mike Biderman and Ashley Breinholdt; congrats to the two of you!

We wanted to say a big congratulations to EVERYONE who completed the 5K this year, and an extra special shout out to our very own Couch to 5K group, led by our ICMB contributor Shari!  Many of these women had never run in their life, let alone done a whole 5K!  You ALL should be so proud!!  Whether you ran, walked, jogged, or pushed a stroller across the finish line…GOOD FOR YOU!

Blogger DAsh Massages 2The Health Fair

This year we also had a Health Fair at the Blogger Dash event, and we are so grateful to all of our sponsors who came out (also with lots of smiles!) to share their knowledge with all of our runners/walkers, and also for entertaining/pampering them post-race!

Big thanks to our friends at Massage Heights (Iowa River Landing) for providing FULL body massages after the race.  Seriously, the first thing I heard when people crossed the finish line was, “yay, now let’s go get a massage!”  What a perfect way to celebrate and to cool-down after the finish.

Blogger Dash JazzerciseAnd although they were also technically a “cool down station”,  we have to say the ladies of Jazzercise Iowa City were ON FIRE that morning!  While many of us were standing there freezing (or sneaking off to the bathroom to put our cold hands under the dryer!), this fun group was dancing up a storm!  Another great way to celebrate a job well done, and the kids loved it too!

Blogger Dash Brighter Futures

We were lucky to have the staff from Bright Futures Chiropractic on hand, informing the runners about the benefits of regular chiropractic care.  Thank you so much for joining us, and for getting to know our readers in person!  Check out Bright Futures the next time you are in the Kalona area; such friendly faces and so eager to help!

Blogger Dash Safety StorePerhaps the most popular booth with the kids:  the UI Children’s Safety Store, handing out children’s books and stuffed animals! We are always so happy to see Pam and the staff from the Safety Store; they have the greatest smiles, and they are so passionate about informing our families about how to stay safe and keep our kids safe in all circumstances.  Thank you for all that you do!

Blogger Dash Running WildOur old pals from Running Wild Iowa City joined us with another great informative booth at the Health Fair, and they always have so much energy too!  (What’s your secret?!) We also need to give them a shout out for hosting our Packet Pick-Up the evening before the race, and for providing some awesome gift cards for the winners of the 5K.  Thanks so much!

Blogger Dash AdvocareThe ladies of Advocare welcomed many runners/walkers to their booth as they handed out samples of Spark, and talked to the crowd about the benefits of Advocare in your healthy-lifestyle endeavors.  Thanks ladies for braving the cold, and for giving us all a little “spark” to run on!

Blogger Dash kids raceThe Kids Fun Run!

Once again, the kids stole the spotlight as they geared up for the 1/4 mile Fun Run.  There really isn’t anything cuter than these little ones, all bundled up and ready to run!  It was so great to watch them take off, and watch the moms, dads, and grandpas try to keep up!  And of course, their favorite part, getting a medal when they crossed the finish line!  Nice job everyone!

And a BIG congrats to the few kiddos who braved the whole ONE mile race!  You guys did AWESOME!


Dash for the Kids:  Just like last year, we are happy to announce that we will be sending a portion of the Blogger Dash proceeds over to the amazing University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.  When you think about running (or walking) in the cold that day, just remember that you were doing it for a cause, and for a great cause.  We are so blessed to live within miles of one of the best Children’s Hospitals in the nation, and we want them to know how much we support their efforts to help children and families in our community (and beyond!).  Thank you!

And More Thanks!

To the ladies of Tri-Delta from the University of IowaThank you for entertaining all of our kiddos before, during, and after the race!  Face painting, sidewalk chalk, tattoos, and snacks…what more could they ask for?!  Thank you ladies for volunteering your time to help us set up, during the race, and clean up too!  You girls rock!

To HyVee…for keeping our runners hydrated before and after the race.  The Coralville HyVee graciously donated all of our bottled water for the event!

To the University of Iowa Community Credit Union…The UICCU donated the bags for Packet Pick-Up, which contained the awesome Blogger Dash ’14 shirts, a coupon from Massage Heights, a water bottle from Running Wild, and some yummy granola bars to keep your energy up!  Thanks to everyone for making the packets great!

To LiteRite Photography…Our friend Dana from LiteRite Photography never lets us down!  Once again she was there to capture the moments of Blogger Dash, including not just the race, but the Health Fair and all the fun in between as well!  Thank you Dana!

{For more photos (and a video of the Jazzercisers in action!), be sure to follow our Instagram page @icmomsblog.  Also, we will be posting an album with more photos from the event on our Facebook page tomorrow, so watch for that!}

**And if you are interested in seeing last year’s re-cap of Blogger Dash ’13, click here!**

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