A Working Mom’s Bliss

Recently, I have returned to the work force after being a SAHM for nearly two years. Since moving to the Corridor area at seven and a half months pregnant and giving birth, I have had a couple of part time jobs. They didn’t work out either due to scheduling conflicts or the job itself. But really, let’s be honest, I was the problem. I LOVED staying at home with my daughter. I loathed leaving her. Going to work at night knowing I would miss dinner and bedtime stories ached in my gut. So, I stayed at home all day, almost every day in perfectly, chaotic mommy bliss cooking, cleaning, kissing baby cheeks, and singing Disney songs. Life was sweet!

As we all know, life changes.  The time I had been avoiding came, I absolutely had to find a job. I started the daunting task of job hunting, and like normal, I did so with a negative approach. I expected to find a part-time job that I, once again, dreaded going to each night. Then, rather suddenly, I got hired for a job that I have ALWAYS wanted! I now excitedly scurry out of bed to go frost cupcakes all day. And you know what? Life is still pretty sweet!

I have noticed a thing or two (or seven to be exact) that I actually, surprisingly love about being a working mom! Today I’d like to share what has brought me to my working mom bliss, and I hope some of you fellow working mamas can take heart and find your own (if you have not done so already).

1. Finally, a truly shared bank account!

My significant other and I have pretty much always shared our money. Even when we first started dating, we would split checks or take turns paying the Red Box fee. When I became a SAHM we continued to share money, but we were no longer sharing OUR money, we were sharing HIS money (at least this is how it felt to me, personally). Now, I am at least contributing something for us to share.

2. Less Crap.

As in, I literally wipe significantly fewer booties per day, and it is awesome!

3. Adult conversation!

This one might be at the top of the list. Look, babies are wonderful. Unfortunately, they don’t or can’t or won’t say much, and when they finally flip the switch, it borders on incessant, and your sanity is in a vulnerable position either way. If you don’t have many friends or family who can stop by or meet you somewhere on the reg, and if your significant other works long hours, or both, well then adult conversation is so scarce you almost forget how to engage in it. I love discussing cartoons and barnyard noises with my little, but preferably not until the cows come home!

4. Coworker Lunch Dates!

Time with adults and friends is practically built into my schedule. No more rescheduling a MNO after waiting two months for a date my friends and I were all available. I just grab lunch with a couple girlfriends from work once or twice a week.

5. I am no longer the default parent.

I am no longer the only person at my daughter’s beck and call 24/7. She spends my mornings at work with her dad. Their relationship has grown amazingly and now, she is comfortable with the way we BOTH do things.                                                 WorkingBliss

6. Having more energy to play!

I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out. As a SAHM I spent the majority of my time trying to keep my kid entertained, out of things I didn’t want her in, or just cleaning up after her. That’s a full time job right there, and it’s sometimes exhausting (okay, always). Now, my work and play time is separate and scheduled. Her dad provides entertainment half the day. and when I get home she’s so excited to see me that she actually wants to play with me! I have more energy to play, too because I didn’t spend the entire morning acting like a tyrannosaurus, flying pig, tickle monster (none of which were found amusing, I might add) or scrubbing paint, mustard, and bodily fluids off everything I own.

7. Being more than a mommy!

Being a mommy is fantastic! It is the most wonderful job, truly, and nothing can come close to topping it, not in my book anyway. However, I had sort of an identity crisis after giving birth. It’s like the person I was before being a mom had vanished and I no longer knew who I was OUTSIDE of motherhood. Every single thing I did revolved around my child and my new role. What I read, what I watched, what I sang, how I dressed, which hobbies I pursued, etc. I mean, everything in my whole life was wrapped up in motherhood. Now, I get to do it a little differently. I still am a mom and I still am dedicated to being the best mom I can be (aren’t we all?!), but I get to be more, too. I get to deposit checks, have adult conversation about topics aside from children, go on fun lunch dates with friends, listen to whatever I’d like on the way to and from work, and eat what I want for breakfast (Oreos…I’m looking at you).

Daddy daughter activities include: picking flowers for Mommy!
Daddy daughter activities include: picking flowers for Mommy!

As a mom, leaving our babies for work can be really hard. Working at home with them can be, too. And they both can be extremely rewarding!

What do you love most about the work you do? Share your mommy bliss with us!


Mina Tannehill
Mina works as a cake decorator in Cedar Rapids, where she resides with her little family of three. Although she was born and raised in small town Illinois, she’s always been an Iowa girl at heart and planted roots in Des Moines shortly after graduating as a Cornjerker. It was there she met the love of her life, Dale! They quickly added their sweet and sassy daughter to the mix in August 2013. Mina dove head-first into being Eisley’s mommy and loves embracing the happiness and curiosity of childhood with her. In her free time she loves writing, eating, getting in some family time and binge watching TV dramas.


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