The Joys of Having an “Above-Average” Sized Family

By today’s standards my family is above-average in size. I would go so far as to say we have a big family, but the Mr. tells me it isn’t big, just above-average. Okay, above-average then.

What do I love about having an above-average family? Let me share what is amazing about a bigger family.

Big family at the ball gameFirst of all, there really isn’t much time for loneliness. I know that you can be lonely in a crowd, but in a big family that lonely feeling doesn’t last very long. Because someone is going to notice that you’re feeling a little blue and they are there to lift you up.

It’s true that there is always someone to play with, but more importantly, there is typically something fun happening. Even when there is work to be done, lots of hands make work light. We create more work because there are so many of us, but I can usually find someone willing to sweep the floor, empty the dishwasher, or mow the lawn.

Big family means lots of helpersWe enjoy each other. I find this to be true even with my own siblings. We live far apart and our ages are very spread out, but when we are together we have a great time. In this day and age, making time for extended family can be tough. I sincerely enjoy my children and although they can drive me crazy, I love our time together.

So far, my children haven’t missed out on all those extracurricular activities that are available to kids. My kids are in sports and music and whatever else they want to be in. But we aren’t in EVERYTHING. Because who is? And I don’t want their schedules to be crazy. I want them to also be kids and play in the dirt and occasionally use their imaginations.

Having children will keep me young. I realized the other day that I am pretty much the same age my mother-in-law was when the Mr. graduated from high school. And I just had a baby. And yet, I’m younger than the age my mother was when she had me. While I do recall feeling my parents were “old,” I don’t know any teenager that doesn’t feel that way. And my mother always said we kept her young. That must be true because she’s still going strong well into her 70s!

Big family at the poolJust having had another baby, I get lots of remarks about having my hands full and even the occasional, very polite, “Are all those children yours?” But people forget what joy a baby is. You forget that children are a blessing. And even though Mother’s Day has passed, it is such an honor to be called mom to these little people. Everyday is Mother’s Day because only a mom understands the happiness her children have brought her.

If you’re considering having another, I hope you won’t let naysayers scare you off. Big families come with their own set of headaches, but the perks outweigh the pitfalls! Sure, someday we’ll have to worry about college and weddings and hopefully tons of grandchildren, but life is short. Will I care when I’m surrounded by all those smiling faces in the nursing home that we don’t have much inheritance to pass on? No. Because the memories will be so much richer.

Holly Jirovsky*Special thanks to guest blogger Holly Jirovsky for sharing her perspective! You can read more from Holly on her super cute home décor and fashion blog, Style from the Sticks.


  1. Are your kids really willing to do those chores you mentioned? I have 5 and trying to get them to do anything around here turns into WWIII!!! What’s your secret?

    • Thanks Sandra for your comment. I’m sorry I just saw this. They aren’t always willing. And we do better with chores in the summer when they have more time. But I do see them more willing to do them when they have a list of responsibilities each day. And I let them choose these tasks; the older ones have more assignments than the younger. I hope that helps!


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