DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Do you have a few items that you bought with a “someday project” in mind and then never completed the project? Do you enjoy doing things that are easy and give you a great sense of satisfaction when they are finished? Can you appreciate finding junk or things around the house and creating a unique decorative piece? Have you found yourself digging through your jewelry only to notice that you can’t find the mate to your favorite pair of earrings? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight right away: this post should be called AYHTH (Ask Your Husband to Help) instead of DIY, because naturally I picked the day before the deadline to start this project. And furthermore, I figured that the afternoon after working a full twelve hour night shift and then only sleeping for two hours would be the perfect clear-headed-time to delve into a DIY project.

Secondly, I know that this is not a project that you haven’t seen before. I believe I have pinned half a dozen projects similar to this in the past five years. If you visit my Pinterest page, you will quickly see that I love to gain inspiration from others.

jewelry organizer

Now that we got all that set straight, I promise that this project really isn’t too tough at all! All you need to complete this project is about one hour and the following supplies:


  • Two Vintage or New Picture Frames (any size with thick wooden build)
  • One Roll of Multipurpose Fiberglass Screen (36”x84” New York Wire from Lowes)
  • Staple gun and staples (be sure to match the thickness of your frame to the depth of staples)
  • One package of Nickel Plated 7/8” Cup Hooks (purchased at Target years ago)
  • Scissors
  • hammer

Screen earring holder

Start by laying the roll of screen down, place the frame on top and cut to leave yourself about ½ inch extra on each side. Then flip the frame so it is face down and place the screen on top. Beginning in the corners, staple the screen to the backside of the frame, making sure you are pulling the screen tight and then continue to staple every couple of inches all around the edges until it feels secure. Then take the hammer to tap the staples down into the frame all the way. Trim off the excess screen.

 jewelry organizer

Hook necklace holder

This is super simple, and you can do just like me and start screwing the hooks into the inside lip of the frame or you can take the time to measure the spacing and do pencil marks before threading the mug hooks in. The biggest trick is applying enough pressure from the edge of the frame against the screw as you tighten.

jewelry organizer

And that is it! My big stack of beautiful tangled earrings and necklaces are now a masterpiece in my bathroom, and I finally have a use for the picture frames that have sat in my master bathroom tub for a year now. One more project crossed off my list. Only about 500 more to go. 🙂


**Special thanks to our Guest Blogger, Robyn Rasmussen!!
About Robyn:

Robyn is a mom of two school-aged boys and two sweet girl dogs. A creative at heart who enjoys blogging, photography and embraces a Biblically based Proverbs 31 lifestyle. 




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