Moms’ Night Out: Painting

It’s hard work raising little humans. Throw on top of that, cleaning, cooking, working, etc., and it’s no wonder we moms crave a little “me” time every now and then! We are fortunate to live in an area that includes a wide variety of activities when we are in need of a good ol’ Moms Night Out! From high energy to relaxing, casual to dressy, and free to expensive.

Recently, fellow writer Laura and I had the chance to participate in a social painting moms’ night out through Vino Van Gogh. Vino Van Gogh hosts painting events at different venues in the community. The session we attended was held at Frida Kahlo Mexican Restaurant in Solon. Another great option in the area for social painting is Brush and Barrel in Coralville.

MomsNightOut Painting

For Starters

Since the painting session was held at a Mexican restaurant, attendees could arrive early and take advantage of the happy hour specials. For those of us who arrived closer to the start time, we were able to order a drink and some food to enjoy while painting.

MomsNightOut Painting

The Main Event

There were about twenty people who participated in the session, which was led by an artist/instructor. The instructor introduced the painting, Psychedelic Butterfly, then walked us through creating our own painting. As someone who has zero artistic or creative ability, I was a little worried that my painting would be horrible, but with the guidance of the instructor, I walked away with a decent piece of artwork that I don’t mind hanging in my house! The entire session took about two hours when all was said and done.






Wrap it Up

When all the paintings were complete we took a group picture and were free to go our separate ways, and several people stayed at the restaurant for another drink before heading home.

If you’re looking for a fresh and fun Moms’ Night Out, check out Vino Van Gogh or Brush and Barrel for some social, creative fun!

Becky is a Minnesota Native and Wisconsin Badger fan living in the heart of Hawkeye Country. Since graduating from high school, she has lived in Duluth, MN; Birmingham, UK; Minneapolis, MN; Louisville, KY; and Madison, WI, but is now happy to call Iowa City home. She and her husband have been married for ten years and have a spirited four-year-old daughter and a mischievous baby boy. Becky juggles working from home and keeping two kids happy each and every day. In her free time, she enjoys working her side business, spending time with friends, relaxing with a good book, and eating snacks.


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