Staying on Task With Chore Monster {Sponsored Post}

“Mom, are there any chores I can do to earn an extra $10?”

This is a common question in our house. We’re glad our kids have learned that if they want to earn something extra, they need to work for it. While we generally do a good job of keeping track of their allowances, things can become complicated when you have multiple kids who are interested in earning extra money.

That’s where the FamilyTech apps can come in handy. I recently got a chance to test the beta version of this handy chore-tracking system with my 14- & 16-year-old sons.

How It Works

The system consists of two separate apps: Landra and Mothershp. I downloaded both on my iPhone and created profiles for myself and the boys in Mothershp. I then sent the Landra link to the boys, and they were supposed to download the app from the link I sent and sync with my Mothershp account. In Mothershp, I created chore lists for each kid and assigned point values and due dates for each task. I was also able to create rewards and assign point values to each reward.

Once both accounts were set up, the boys would be able to log into Landra and see what their chore list was for each day. When they completed their chores, they were supposed to log it on their end of the app. In turn, I could log into my Mothership app and check their progress. If they completed all of their tasks and earned enough points, I could assign them a reward.

IMG_0793The Good Stuff

The best thing about this app is that it creates a clear system for assigning and tracking chores for you and your kids. I’ve never had good luck sticking to chore charts, and I felt that this app would be something I could definitely see our family using in the future. Since we have a big family, it’s hard for my husband and I to keep track of how much we’ve agreed to pay our kids for extra tasks, the timeframes we’ve agreed to, and the minimum standards for a job well done.

Our disorganization on these issues has led to a bit of a “wild west” mentality when our kids want to earn extra chore money. This system would be very useful in helping us record and track the terms we set for our kids prior to their engaging in extra housework. I also like that the app allows you to set due dates and point parameters for each task, and that the kids’ end of the system encourages them to take ownership of their responsibilities.

Improvements That Could Be Made

The app was in beta mode when we tried it, so some technical difficulties were to be expected. The main issue we had was that the boys weren’t able to download their end of the app so we weren’t able to test their ability to record the chores as they completed them. However, they really liked the idea of having the ability to check their tasks off of an app-based list. They felt this was a much better solution than relying on their parents’ fried and frazzled memories!


We all felt that the user interface could be improved, as navigating the app was a bit confusing on both ends. Although we all agreed that the idea behind the system was great, we hope that the final versions include a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

From a parent’s point of view, another improvement I hope to see in future versions is the ability to directly transfer money to an Amazon and/or checking account. The current version of the app allows kids to earn points towards rewards such as extra screen time or later bed times. Options for money tracking and/or transfers would be very beneficial for older kids.

The Bottom Line

Once all of the kinks are ironed out of the app, the FamilyTech system will be a helpful way for kids and parents to stay on track with their household chores. There is even a ChoreMonster app for 4-12 year olds! We loved that it provided a clear system for recording the jobs assigned to each child. In addition, it’s a great way to teach kids the skills of staying organized and being responsible for their own tasks.

What are some of your family’s favorite ways to keep track of chores and responsibilities?



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