Christmas Party Games to Play at Holiday Parties

Having a Christmas/Holiday party this year? Check out these fun games to play and keep people occupied during the party!  

Games for the Kids:

Trim The Tree

This game is played by dividing the kids up into groups. Give each group items to trim a human tree. Example: green crepe paper, bows, tinsel, etc. No glass or breakable items should be used during this game. The group has to pick one child to be used as a “tree,” and let the trimming begin! Give them five minutes and when the timer goes off, have them look at each other’s trees! If you want, they can judge who had the best tree and offer a prize, but that is totally up to you! Remember, it’s your party–you can do what you want!

Variation: You can also play “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”. Same concept only different props!

Candy Cane Hunt

Every kid loves candy, so what’s better than going on a candy cane hunt? You can make this as easy or as hard as you want. You can type out clues where to find the candy canes or you can just hide them around the room and let the kids find them. The kids can be divided into groups, or they can find the candy canes by themselves. A suggestion is to make sure you know how many candy canes are hidden and have each group/child find a certain number of them. Their prize at the end? Why, to eat a yummy candy cane of course!

christmas party games

Pin The Nose on the Snowman

This is such an easy game to make! Cut out three different sized circles out of white paper (the bigger they are, the better), several circles for eyes, mouth, and buttons out of black paper, and several noses out of orange paper. You can get fancy if you want and add a hat, scarf, and arms. You will also need a blindfold and tape. Build your snowman on a wall where kids can reach to try to pin/tape a nose on the snowman. Once you have the snowman assembled (minus the noses), have the kids write their names on the noses so they can tell which nose is whose! Then blindfold the kids one-by-one, spin them three times, and then let them try to pin the nose on the snowman. This should bring lots of laughs as everyone tries to put the nose on the snowman.

Jingle Bell Toss/Snowball Bowling

This game can be combined!  All you need are solo cups, bells, a piece of masking tape, and big pom poms (preferably white since snowballs are white). For the Jingle Bell toss, you place cups on the floor in rows.  Put masking tape on the floor 3-5 feet away from the cups to serve as a line to stand on to toss the bells.  Have the children stand in a line. Give the first child three bells and have them try to toss them into the cups.  You can give them a treat for making it into the cups. (Totally optional.) To play the snowball game, you simply flip the cups over so the open end of the cup is on the floor and stack them on top of each other like a pyramid.  Using the same line, hand the kids three pom pom snowballs and have them toss them at the cups to try to knock them over.  So much fun!

Games for the Adults: 

Lighted Scavenger Hunt

For this fun scavenger hunt, make a list of things that are lit up around your town.  Example: A Nativity Scene, A Santa Claus, etc.  Divide your friends/relatives into groups, give each group a list, and ask them to go find those items. They must take a picture of them for proof they found the item.  Have them meet back at the house in 30 minutes to a hour.  See who can find the most items on the list and give that group a prize or a trophy that can be passed around from year to year. Check out these fun Christmas light scavenger hunt ideas!

christmas party games

Nativity Scene

Before all your guests come over, prepare a couple of laundry baskets with objects from around the house.  You can put anything in the basket, such as clothes, stuffed animals, or things to help make a unique nativity scene.  Split everyone into groups and give them each a laundry basket.  Have them recreate the nativity scene in five minutes, or whatever time limit you decide.  When the timer goes off, decide who has the best nativity scene.  Now, you can make this as fun or as simple as you want.  You can give prizes for the best nativity by giving out little chocolates or little bottles of wine.  

Have everyone put a Christmas cookie on their forehead and then try to get the cookie to their mouth using only facial movements–NO HANDS!  Whoever gets the cookie in their mouth first wins!  Such a simple and delicious game!

christmas party games

Christmas Carol Charades

To prepare for this game, you need to have a list of Christmas song titles printed out, cut into slips, and placed into a bowl.  Split everyone into two teams.  Give each team a pad of paper and a pen to draw with.  Have one person from each team ready to draw.  Have one of the drawers draw a Christmas carol from the bowl and share it with the other person who is to draw.  Put a timer on for one minute and let the drawing begin!  Whatever team guess the Christmas carol right from the drawing wins a point.  Keep repeating until all slips are gone from the bowl.  

Games are so much fun to play with family and friends during the holidays!  You can always give prizes at the end of each game or one big one at the end of all the games! You can also find more games here.

While the holiday season is such a busy time, my hope is that you all can sit back and enjoy the company you have during this time. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and following our posts!



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