{Re Cap} Halloween Bash

As always, we had an absolute blast seeing all of your little ones in their costumes at our Halloween Bash this year! Living in Iowa, we truly never know what the weather will be on October 31, so we love this opportunity to see all of the kids in their costumes without all the hats, gloves, and big coats!


We were thrilled to be back at Old Brick this year for the bash.  Such a beautiful, iconic spot in downtown Iowa City.  We loved watching all of your little ones run around in there, gathering candy and having a snack before they left!

Montessori School of Iowa City

We love seeing our friends from the Montessori School of Iowa City, and they always have the BEST activities for the kids at our events!  This time around, the little ones enjoyed drawing some super spooky and festive images with their big stencils!  And not only did they get to take some candy home from her booth, they also got a pencil! (Anyone else’s kids obsessed with pencils? Just mine?…)  If you are looking for a quality private education for your kids in the Iowa City area, check them out today!

Mercy Pediatric Clinic

If you’re looking for a pediatric clinic in the area, look no further than Mercy Pediatric Clinic in Coralville.  Their friendly staff is an amazing resource in our community, and they not only have same-day appointments, but they also have weekend hours! (all the praise hands!)  Their booth was especially fun at the Halloween Bash, with a spooky game of tic-tac-toe, coloring sheets, and stickers galore!

CHOMP Delivery Service

Our pals at CHOMP not only deliver all of your favorite Iowa City foods to your doorstep, but they DELIVERED at the Halloween Bash!  Their “spin the wheel” game was quite the hit with the kids, and they had a huge variety of fun prizes! Our personal faves were the color-changing cups!

Funny Nuggets

If you have not heard of Funny Nuggets, you need to stop what you are doing and check them out NOW!  Funny Nuggets is a comedy clubhouse for kids, and they bring their unique, interactive program and entertaining staff into existing facilities to put on a pop-up comedy experience for kids while giving parents a break!  Did you hear that? Fun for the kids AND a break for the parents?  Win-win!  The kids absolutely LOVED the Funny Nuggets mascot and all of the hilarious jokes they were telling at their booth.  So fun!

Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery

The staff from Dr. Andrews Plastic Surgery brought a super fun Plinko game for the Bash! In addition to candy prizes, they also had some of our kids’ favorite prizes of the day–pads of paper and pens!  Oh, and did we mention that they had skincare product samples from Infinity Skin Care? The moms were definitely loving that booth!  If you’re interested in chatting with Dr. Andrews about plastic surgery options or skin care questions you may have, check out their website here.

Hope Family Chiropractic

The Hope Family Chiropractic staff came ready to celebrate Halloween, costumes and all!  This was another booth that was popular for the whole family, because they had their awesome spine-scanner (we’re sure there’s a more technical term for that) to check everyone’s spinal health and chat about possible treatment.  So helpful!  And of course, candy! If you’re looking for a family-friendly chiropractor in the area, check out their website.

Enrichment Therapies

Our good friends from Enrichment Therapies never cease to amaze us with their creative, fun activities.  This time around, it was an adorable spider web game; I’m pretty sure my children alone played it 10 times.  This group of people is truly an amazing resource in our community; if you or anyone you know are looking for speech therapy, reading or math tutoring, feeding and swallow therapy, or basically anything along those lines, be sure to check them out!

Vanilla Beans & Daydreams

It wouldn’t be an ICMB event without a delicious (and adorable) treat from Vanilla Beans & Daydreams!  This time around, the kids enjoyed these super cute cotton candy “spider webs”, which not only gave them an extra treat, but also a fun spider ring to take home!  If you are planning any type of event and you’d like a dessert to go along with your theme, look no further than Vanilla Beans & Daydreams. She truly can do ANYTHING!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who came out and spent the morning with us.  It was so much fun to see all of your little ones (and some of the parents!) in their costumes, and we hope you had a blast.  We look forward to seeing you at our next family-friendly event, Pancakes & Pajamas, on December 1st.  This year we are also hosting a Gingerbread Contest for 5-15 year olds after the Pancakes & Pajamas event!  For more information on both of those events, and to grab your tickets while you still can, click here!

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