Keeping Your Kids Safe Just Got Easier: The Best Safety Products Shipped Right to Your Door

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again: we LOVE the Safety Store at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital! This unique resource in our community was developed to improve the health and well-being of all children by offering families safety and injury prevention education and affordable products that fit children’s individual needs. Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death and disability for children from birth to 18 years of age, and we all know that it’s our job as parents to do everything in our power to keep our children safe, healthy, and thriving.

The Safety Store is a bit of a hidden gem. It is located within the beautiful new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, alongside the fully-stocked Kaleidoscope Gift Shop. It’s well worth a special trip to visit the store, but we are THRILLED to share that the Safety Store has made it even easier for families to obtain these products by creating an e-commerce site, allowing you to order items online and have it shipped right to your door. Think Amazon except better because the safety EXPERTS have vetted every product and negotiated for the best possible prices.

You can find home safety items (gates, child locks, monitors, etc.), personal safety items (safe sleep, medical alerts, hearing protection products, etc.), escape items in case of a fire, bike safety items (helmets, guard sets, etc.), and travel safety items (car seats, strollers, etc.) and more! Here’s the scoop:

Shop Online for Top-Notch Low-Priced Safety Products

Our team helped test the new online shopping site and here’s what the pilot group had to say:

“The navigation process from review to delivery was SO EASY!”
“The site was super-efficient – I was done within a couple of minutes!”
“I love that I don’t have to research and compare these products because only the safest items are featured!”
“The check-out process was super easy.”
“The pricing is what I liked best!”
“I cannot believe Sleep Sacks are only $12!! I’ve been paying $20+ at other stores!”

A few helpful tips and notes before you start your own Safety Store shopping:

Some prices aren’t listed, for good reason.

Some of the larger items to do not display a price, but that’s a GOOD thing! Trust me, it’s worth a quick call! 😉 The Safety Store is dedicated to offering highly competitive prices and they do not want price to be a barrier for parents trying to protect and keep their children safe. If you are price-checking items and do not see the cost listed, just call 319-356-3543.

Contact information

You will need to provide your email address, but rest assured, the Safety Store will not share or sell your contact information to any source. They will let you know when they are running certain specials and/or promotions though, unless you opt out.

Store pickup

You have the option of picking your order up in the store, which saves you shipping costs, otherwise they will be shipping things using USPS or FedEx Ground. Our pilot group reported fantastic turnaround times and received packages within the week.

Certified Experts Service

Don’t hesitate to use the Safety Store’s certified child injury prevention experts and reach out before you order if you have specific needs or questions about keeping your children safe. They are wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable, plus this expert service is FREE! You can call 319-356-3543 or email [email protected]u.

Start your shopping TODAY by visiting the new online Safety Store at The site will be offering FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday!

This is a sponsored post. ICMB was compensated for sharing this piece.  However, we love connecting our readers with people and organizations that are doing good in our community, and we think you will find this information helpful and informative!


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