{Re Cap} November Mom Talk: My Child May Be Gifted…Now What?

We wanted to send out a big giant thank you to the staff from the Belin Blank Center for Gifted Education for joining us for our November Mom Talk.  We learned so much about the programs that they have to offer, but perhaps more importantly, we learned about the different signs that our children might need their services.  The question of the night was not “is my child gifted?” but rather “are my child’s academic needs being met?”, and that was so helpful in shifting our focus to the true needs of our children.

Click the above image to view the presentation slideshow, or use the following link.

Mom Talk: Gifted Children Slideshow Presentation


{Meet the Experts}

Dr. Alissa Doobay received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Iowa in 2010. She is currently a Licensed Psychologist and Supervisor of Psychological Services at the BelinBlank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa where she provides clinical assessment, therapy, and consultation services. Her clinical expertise is in the area of twice-exceptionality (individuals who are high-ability or “gifted” and also have a disability), particularly students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders. Alissa is the mother to three children, ages 7, 5, and 2.

Dr. Lori Ihrig received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Science Education from Iowa State University in 2014. She is currently the Supervisor for Curriculum and Instruction at the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa where she creates and supports opportunities for advanced study for elementary through high school children. Her research interests include math and science talent development in rural contexts. Lori is also the mother of two twice-exceptional children.

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