Binge-Worthy TV Series We Love This Winter

It’s cold and the kids are home. There is nothing better than to end the day by winding down to watch a show or two. Then you remember that each show you are currently watching just had a ‘mid-season’ finale!

Well, look no further, the ICMB contributors put together a list of their favorite binge-worthy TV shows. From comedy and drama to dystopian/sci-fi and then crossing the ocean to England, there is something for any mood. 

Grab a blanket, popcorn, and have your coffee ready for the following morning. (You’ll need it.)

Binge-worthy tv series for winter break

What is your favorite show to binge? Share your favorites in the comments.


Angelica was raised in West Liberty just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Iowa City. After getting married to her high school sweetheart and living in the D.C. metro area, they decided it was not where they wanted to raise a family, and moved back five years ago to West Liberty. Nine months later they welcomed their daughter with only three hours to prepare. (She went the whole 40 weeks without knowing she was pregnant! Her daughter is now four years old and going to preschool. Aside from being a mommy, Angelica works full-time while going to school full-time. To help keep herself sane, she runs early in the morning five days a week. Last year she got the courage and ran the Quad Cities Marathon! It was the second hardest thing she’s ever done, next to giving birth. In addition to running, Angelica likes to read, cook, garden, fish, camp, and spend time with her family. She’s a Pinterest and bargain shopping addict! Overall she loves being a wife and a mom with the adventures that it brings.



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