Searching Outside For Something That Is Inside

{Today we are so thankful to have Dr. Ron, from Robinson Family Wellness, as a guest blogger in Part 3 of our January series entitled “Live the Life You Imagined”.  We are absolutely loving this series so far; if you missed Part 1 and Part 2, please click on them to read!}


If you are anything like me, I’m sure you have all had that feeling of panic after you have misplaced either your car keys or your cell phone or some other “important” object. AND, if you are like me, it seems like this only happens when I REALLY need to be some place or I actually need the object.  I mean, how in the world could it not be there?  “I just saw it” or “where did YOU put them” are questions that we often hear during this frenzy of looking in every place imaginable. Right? I have even gone as far as looking in the garbage, or in a drawer that I never even open to find this elusive thing.  Does this sound like you when you have lost something or are searching for something you haven’t seen for awhile?

robinsonsYou may be asking yourself—what in the world does this have to do with health or  a new years’ resolution?  Well, I believe that Health is just like that lost item.  We once had it, we vaguely remember where it was, and we usually only start to search for it when we really need it or notice that it is gone.

It seems like this is the time of the year when I start to hear a lot of people seeking advice about what they can do to get back on track with their health. In a similar fashion to losing a tangible item, our health can be lost as well.

This time of year is often referred to as the “cold and flu” season, however, when we take a step back and really examine what occurs every year between November and March, we will soon realize that it isn’t the cold and flu that comes and goes as if it is a “season” of its own, but rather, we as individuals or families have lost our focus on health, and because of everything going on, it is so hard to find it again.  Most of you reading this probably have school-age children; so, not only do you need to contend with the schedule of the holidays, but you also need to throw in the kid’s music concerts, the holiday parties at work or with friends, traveling, too much sugar, not enough sleep, sleeping in a bed unfamiliar to you, and eating lots of junk food that you usually wouldn’t eat.   Put all of that on top of your normal schedule, and the fact that the kids are home from school for break, and you can see why the focus clearly changes from one of moving forward and control to a mode of just simply surviving.

When we enter this mode of survival, it takes everything we can give to just get our basic tasks done.  The next thing we know, the sink is full of dirty dishes, the laundry is starting to pile up, the floors need cleaned, and you have no groceries.  Trying to dig your way out of this scenario can be quite the daunting task, so some will just let it go and always be in survival mode.  On the other hand some will choose to tackle the task at hand and methodically tackle one project at a time and work their way out.

So it comes at this time of year that I start getting the questions like: “What supplement should I take for my immune system?” “What essential oils can we use to make sure we don’t get sick?” “Why does it seem like we can never catch up? I just got one kid healthy and now another one is sick!”

We have been conditioned to start looking to something outside of our bodies to fix our health problems or to find our health that was lost.  Whether you take a “traditional” or more natural approach to your health, we need to redirect that focus within ourselves rather than a drug, supplement, or something external. At Robinson Family Wellness, our belief is that true health comes from within and that your body has an amazing ability to be well and heal on its own.  Our focus is on the nervous system, which coordinates all functions in your body, including your immune function.  So if your nervous system is stuck in state of “overdrive”, your natural ability to get well is compromised.  This goes for both adults and children.  So I challenge you, in 2014, to trust in your body’s amazing strength and turn within before searching places where true health can not be found.

Looking for more information on how your nervous system is linked to your immune system? Feel free to contact Dr. Ron at [email protected].  In the meantime, take a look at this research paper on the nervous system and the link to the immune system:

J. Hosoi G. F. Murphy C. L. Egan†, E. A. Lerner, S. Grabbe, A. Asahina & R. D. Granstein. Regulation of Langerhans cell function by nerves containing calcitonin gene-related peptide. Nature 363, 159-163 (13 May 1993)

Kolata G. Nerve Cells Tied to Immune System.  New York Times. May 13 1993



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