Reality in Parenting: The Reality Behind the Facebook/Instagram “Perfection Perception”

We all have that friend.  You know, the one who pops up in your newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram with lots of pictures of her kids looking so smiley and happy, hair all done and clothes all clean.  Or pictures of delicious home-cooked meals and the awesome hand-made activities they accomplished that day.  It’s so easy to start to compare yourself to that person and think, “Man, she really has it all together.  Why can’t I be like that?”

The fact is that 99% of us are not really “like that”.  When all you see of someone’s life is what they share on their timeline, it’s easy to forget that what you’re seeing is not reality. You’re seeing what people want you to see.  Think about it. What do you share most of the time? Probably pictures of things you’re really excited about…that awesome trip you just took. Or the picture of yourself when you actually changed out of your sweats and put some eyeliner on.  The picture of your kids where they’re all looking at the camera (after taking 25 of them making funny faces or crying).  Or the craft you finally got around to doing.

With that in mind, today the ladies of Iowa City Moms Blog are going to show you what life is really like behind those perfect social media posts in a little display we like to call “Perception vs Reality.”

Perception vs. Reality

Perception:                                                                Reality:

   Reality- baby in bouncy so I can shower


Perception:                                                                 Reality:

 Perception - pie    Reality - kitchen


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Reality - blanket in wash   Reality - clothes for xmas  Reality of Sibling Photos Reality - crazy boy Reality - Kids on table brookboys




Reality- cupcake ic13 ic5  reality - dunkin


 perception - living room


reality - house Reality of Play Room Cleanliness 1 Reality - toy mess in bathroom Reality - living room Bless This Mess Bless This Mess 2

Reality perception living room


Reality of the effectiveness of diapers         Reality - Christmas decs still up

Reality - some art gets thrown

The truth is sometimes diapers don’t work, art gets thrown away, and Christmas decorations are still up in March. We all have messy living rooms and crazy kids, and sometimes (or oftentimes) dinner is take-out or whatever you have on hand…AKA cereal. That’s the reality of being a mom! Embrace it. And know that you’re not alone.  And the next time you find yourself longing to be that friend in your newsfeed, remember that the great picture she’s sharing is probably cropped to hide her messy living room!

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