To My Husband: I Notice

After two years of being part of the Iowa City Moms Blog, this will be my last post. It has been a fun (and very fast!) two years, and I truly can’t believe that my little baby is now a talkative toddler. The timing could not be more perfect for my family, however, as we are now expecting Baby #2. The nausea, fatigue, and general day-to-day antics of a toddler have left me struggling to get through my paperwork for my job, let alone any “added” duties. I know many of you know how that goes! It has been a great couple of years, but, again, it is time to call it a day!

You may notice that I didn’t mention cooking, cleaning, laundry, snow removal, getting groceries, yard work, etc. in my above list. That is for one simple reason…my husband. While I do participate in/complete these tasks often, much is already done before I have to even worry about it. Because of this, I want to use this last post as a shout out to my helpful, sweet, (rarely) thanked husband who has done much to keep our house going these last few months.

All pregnant women know that we can be moody, tired, needy, tired, forgetful, tired, and tired. Sometimes the thought of load of laundry sounds about as tempting as running barefoot on gravel. To make everyone jealous, I often only do kid laundry at my house, even before being pregnant. And you know what, Tom? I noticed. I also noticed the freshly mopped floor, the clean counters, and the fact that you brought me a midnight snack. I noticed that you let me nap this afternoon after I drug you to the mall. I noticed that you ran around with J at the park while I sat and cheered you on. I noticed that you regularly make my lunch for work, vacuum, bathe our child, buy groceries that you think may sound appetizing to me, rub the knots in my back, do the dishes, and pick up toys, generally without being asked. Many of these things you have always done, but I notice them more now. And I need them more now.

You noticed. You noticed that I need more sleep, more frequent back rubs, and foods without a strong smell. You noticed that when I am moody I really don’t mean anything by it. You noticed that it takes me a bit longer to get my paperwork done at night, so you ask if there is anything you can do to help. You noticed that I have a craving for watermelon again this pregnancy, am enjoying cereal from my childhood, and you adjust your shopping habits accordingly. You’ve simply noticed.

For many of us, being pregnant is not always a walk in the park. I certainly do realize that it also not a walk in the park to live with me some days! Don’t worry, I notice. And I certainly do appreciate everything you do, even if I don’t say it enough.


Lana Criswell is a born and bred Hawkeye fan who has lived in Iowa City for almost ten years! She came for college and never looked back. Lana has been married to her husband, Tom, for two years and is momma to Jessa (3.5 months) and Charlie, the dog. She finished graduate school nearly four years ago in speech-language pathology and works at Children’s Center for Therapy in Iowa City. She is excited to be able to work 80% time now and have some “girl time” with Jessa each week. Lana loves spending time with family and friends, cooking/baking, going to Hawkeye games, going on walks around the neighborhood with the dog, and reading.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!! Josh is a lot like your Tom, and I don’t thank him nearly enough for being so wonderful. I would say we are a couple of really lucky ladies!


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