7 Reasons You Should Pay Your Babysitter Well

Finding a good babysitter can be a challenge. If you are like me, it can be even more difficult when you don’t have relatives nearby to help out. As parents, getting out for a night or even an afternoon for some adult time is so important. When you find that babysitter that you just love (and the kids love!), it’s important to treat them right. Here is why:

pay your babysitter well

7 Reasons You Should Pay Your Babysitter Well

1. They are taking care of your kids.

As parents, we are so appreciative when we can find someone we are comfortable with and trust to keep our kids safe while we are away.

2. Adult time is so important.

We all need time away. Having a conversation with someone that isn’t about Frozen or Minecraft is necessary for your sanity! Your babysitter gives you the opportunity to be away and enjoy your time worry-free with your spouse and/or friends.

3. You want to make it worth it.

You have to remember they are giving up their time, too.

4. You want them to want to be there.

Part of finding that perfect babysitter is finding someone that loves your kids just as much as your kids love them. It’s heartwarming when the kids are excited about spending the evening with their babysitter. When your kids love them, you know you can leave guilt-free and them tear-free. All parties involve should be happy with the arrangement.

5. You want them to come back.

Having to scramble to find a sitter is the worst! Having a reliable person you trust is invaluable. You want this person to want to come back and watch your kids again (and again and again).

6. Did I mention how nice it is to get out kid free?

KID FREE. It is refreshing to get out and spend time, either alone with your spouse or with your friends.

7. They will appreciate it.

Sometimes that little extra is only a $1-2 more an hour or an extra $10. What seems  like a little extra to you may mean A LOT to them. It’s a great way to show your appreciation, especially if you asked them last minute or stayed out a little later than usual.

Enjoy your time outside of the house when you get the chance! It’s great having a responsible and reliable person to help watch the kids while you are away, and in return it’s nice to show your appreciation and pay your sitter. A small gesture can go along way.


Chelsie lives in Durant with her Fiancé, Joe, their Daughter (1), Stepson (7), and Stepdaughter (5). She grew up in Northeast Iowa making her way to Iowa City to attend the University of Iowa were she earned her B.F.A. in Graphic Design. She currently works at Phelps Uniform Specialists in Muscatine as the Design and Marketing Coordinator. When she isn’t spending quality time with her family, she likes to enjoy some of her favorites including: watching Hawkeye Football (and Packers!), reading lots and lots of books, drinking all the coffee, camping, running, and finding new outlets to be creative.


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