Ten YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching (Best Part It’s Free!)

A while back we cut the [cable] cord. Why? We were never watching TV! Our DVR was full and we had no time to catch up. We cut the cord to save a bundle of money, and now we get everything we need from the basic Hulu and Netflix plans. I do also have another secret weapon for free entertainment — YouTube.

More than baby shark, YouTube has something for everyone. Below are my top ten favorite channels.

Ten YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

Ten YouTube Channel Recommendations

Old World Home

I adore Hilary on Old World Home. There is just something about her that makes it seem like we would be instant friends. She offers organizing tips, DIY (do it yourself) projects, and fun vlogs (video blogs) with her adorable kiddos.

Kait-Love Mother BLOG

Kait-Love Mother BLOG is a foster and adoptive mama — and as a hopefully soon adoptive parent myself — I love following along on her family’s journey, while learning more about being a parent to these special kiddos.

Angela Braniff

Angela Braniff is a mom of eight and a homeschooler, RV traveler, and is also someone I would love to have a coffee date with. She is currently purging her home and taking care of their newest baby.

The Minimal Mom

The Minimal Mom is Dawn (and she and her husband Tom are just adorable). She motivates me to keep things minimal at home and makes me want to buy a farmhouse and become more handy while fixing it up.

Wabi-Sad- E Farmhouse Restoration

Wabi-Sad- E Farmhouse Restoration is about fixing up a farmhouse. Check out this sweet couple fixing up their home. Their commitment to learning new skills is fascinating.

Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is a female focused channel that has amazing videos. My most recent favs — a lady who got grey highlights to ease going grey, and another lady who had her septum pierced!

Do It On A Dime

Do It On A Dime introduces us to Kathryn — a mom who is committed to doing so on a budget. She is also a tips and tricks queen.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is the newest channel I follow (recommended by a fellow Iowa City Moms writer). I love the variety this cooking channel offers.

I need to try those apple cider donuts . . .

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is where personal finance is discussed openly, honestly, and is totally motivating to get your budget together, offering advice on how to get on target with your goals.

Dave Ramsey

We have some hefty financial goals, so I like watching Dave Ramsey’s no nonsense approach to money.

(Embarrassing) Honorable Mentions

I don’t know why but I love watching podiatry and pedicure videos. There is something so satisfying about the before and after!

Who do you subscribe to on YouTube?

Megan, an Iowa native from West Branch, shares her home with husband Cody, their three kids (Charlie-8 Gwen-6 & Ben-2) and 2 dogs (Dottie- lab-basset mix & Ham-all basset). When she is not smooching on them she is trying to change lives as a social worker, taking walks around their Iowa City neighborhood or cruising in Rita her minivan looking to score deals at local thrift stores. Check our her finds on her Instagram page @megthethriftingqueen.


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