Megan, an Iowa native from West Branch, shares her home with husband Cody, two adorable kiddos Charlie and Gwen and their comical bassador Dottie. When she is not smooching on them she is trying to change lives as a social worker. You can find her cruising in Rita her minivan, looking to score deals at second hand stores, taking walks around her neighborhood or on a hot date watching tiktok with her hubby.
Graphic: Iowa City Area Pools and Splash Pads

Guide to Pools and Splash Pads in the Iowa City Area

Summer is almost here! Take your kids to a local pool or splash pad and have them burn off all of their energy! Check out some of the pool and splash pads in the...
Formula feeding: 10 hacks

10 Formula Feeding Hacks

With baby no. 3 due this fall we are working away on the to do list. Next on our list is getting ready to feed this sweet babe. After learning the hard way that...
image: a dress bought at a local thrift store

Thrift It: My Year of Buying (Almost) Everything Used

I have an addictive personality. Once I start eating sweets it’s really hard for me to stop. I used to smoke and I used to bite my fingernails until they bled. A couple of...
a mother reading to her children

I Pay My Kids to Read

This is not click-bait, I really do pay my kids to read. For a long time, before bed, we had a great routine. Brush teeth, go potty, put on pjs, snuggle, read, sing songs, go...

Holiday and Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids: Mom Approved

With the holidays coming up it's time to shop for gifts! I love shopping for the kids in my family, but you know what I don't love? Buying another junky toy that will end up...

Halloween Music Playlist

Halloween is here! We're planning a whole day of fun so I created this fun playlist of my favorite Halloween themed songs to enjoy. I decided to share it with all of you too! From...
monster cookies

Make These Monster Cookies

It was time for a new cookie recipe and I remembered these super addictive and delicious monster cookies my brother had shared a few years back. You'll need: 3 eggs 1 1/4 C packed light...
An image of flowers

Sharing The Memories of Loved Ones Who Have Died With Kids

  As I write this it is my 36th birthday.  Like every birthday I can remember, I first think of my grandparents. You see, their wedding anniversary was the same day as my birthday.  I...
An image of a toilet

2020: The Year of the Toilet

2020 was going to be epic. I had decided now that my kids are older, I was going to introduce them to a long lost love of mine — travel. I was even calling 2020...
Two women reaching for hands.

Victims of Racism and Sexual Assault: I Will Believe Your Story

I used to volunteer for an organization that worked with women who were survivors of sexual assault. One of my roles was to be with women while they were having their rape kit completed...