Megan, an Iowa native from West Branch, shares her home with husband Cody, two adorable kiddos Charlie and Gwen and their pet dust bunnies. When she is not smooching on them she is trying to change lives as a social worker. You can find her running endless errands in Liza the mini(van) or on a hot date with her treadmill watching IPTV. Since having baby #2 she is drowning in laundry and love and someday hopes to foster or adopt if fate will allow.
A bored woman

Boredom Busters for Mom During Quarantine

I have found myself doing lots of mindless snacking with all the extra time at home since COVID-19 took over our lives. I found I needed to add in some variety to my normal...
A photo of a family at sunset

An Essential Worker’s Guide to Surviving a Pandemic

Some of us moms are essential workers. This means we are getting up, getting ready, and getting out the door each and every day as if COVID-19 hasn’t taken over the world. We take...
Top 10 YouTube favorites

Ten YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching (Best Part It’s Free!)

A while back we cut the cord. Why? We were never watching TV! Our DVR was full and we had no time to catch up. We cut the cord to save a bundle...

Mom Hacks: By Moms and For Moms

While life is grand, it sure can be chaotic as a mom. Since life is definitely too short to do things the long way, I compiled all the ICM writers' favorite mom hacks to...

Is It An Emergency or Not? Where to Go For Medical Care

It’s so hard when your little one is sick and you’re not sure what to do. Recently I went through a scary ordeal with a sick kiddo and a middle of the night...

Medical Expenses & Health Insurance: How to Understand It and Pay for It

After a recent Emergency Room trip with one of my kids, I felt a common fear among parents: how much is this going to cost? I know I made the right decision to go...

Wondering What to Buy at Costco? 8 Favorite Costco Items

In Coralville tucked behind the interstate is a not-so-hidden gem.  Costco offers more than bulk items for offices or a gaggle of kids. While membership is required for this warehouse club, I have found...
Indoor Play Places for Kids in the Iowa City area

15 Indoor Play Places in the Iowa City Area

Looking to beat the heat, get out of the cold, or do something indoors to entertain the kiddos?  No matter what season of Iowa weather or motherhood, there are many options for indoor fun...

You Have Your Hands Full

I hear this almost daily.  From strangers, coworkers, family.  Shopping, at a funeral, on walks with my kids.  They are 3-and-a-half and 1-and-a-half.  I do have my hands full.  My kids are rambunctious, daring, emotional,...

Lost: The Day I Lost My Child in Public + What You Need to...

I looked up and realized the little girl in the red shirt I had been watching was not MY little girl. Another toddler with a red shirt, dark hair, and of similar height had...