Spring Cleaning: Purging and Project Lists

As a mom of three, I was struggling to keep up with cleaning around my home. Luckily, we have someone to help and, if you can, there is no shame in hiring help.

So, while I’ll be leaving the actual cleaning to them — these are my spring purging and project list that I’ll complete after my cleaning person works their magic.

Spring Cleaning: Purging and Project Lists


  • Entryway/coat closet: coats, boots, shoes, batteries, light bulbs, other random stuff that ends up here.
  • Entertainment: books, magazines, gaming systems, old phones, or technology.
  • Kitchen: drawers, cabinets, cleaning supplies, on top of the fridge, small appliances.
  • Pantry: old food, storage containers you don’t use, the 10 million plastic bags you keep shoving back in.
  • Bathroom: old towels can go to the animal shelter, (properly) toss expired medications, and donate hygiene items to your local thrift store or homeless shelter.
  • Clothing: if it’s damaged or doesn’t fit just or you didn’t wear this last fall/winter season — just get rid of it. Check out these Iowa City area donation and consignment options.
  • Bedding: how many sets of extra sheets and blankets do you really need? Add these to your towels to take to the animal shelter.
  • Bedrooms: the nightstands and dresser drawers that have become another junk drawer in your home.
  • Garage/storage: holiday items you didn’t use, old toys and bikes your kids have outgrown, trash/recycling.


  • Appliances: Fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, toaster, air fryer, crockpot, instant pot— wipe them down inside and out.
  • Furniture: remove cushions and vacuum. Spot-treat stains or call an upholstery cleaning company.
  • Drapes and Blinds: takedown, wash, and dust.
  • Vehicles: pull everything out, wash, scrub, dust. . . and make it shine!
  • Windows: wash and clean out the window wells full of dirt and dead flies.
  • Garage: sweep, vacuum, or leaf blow it out to get the salt and sand leftover from winter out of your way, hose out garbage bins.
  • Yard: if you have a dog, you know. Godspeed . . . I recommend a pooper-scooper.
  • Outside: pressure wash the deck and outside of the garage and house.


  • Food inventory: make a list of all items in your fridge, pantry, and freezers and plan to use them or lose them.
  • Clothes inventory: time to get ready for warmer weather. What items do you need for each kid? For yourself? Don’t forget specialty items like lifejackets or rain boots.
  • Bedding: put away those flannel sheets and get the light stuff out for spring and summer
  • Kids’ toys, games, and books: Be ruthless. If the kids didn’t play with them this fall or winter, donate them! I keep a tub in the basement for things in great shape I can give to my younger kid when they get older and a tub to “hide” items in if I am not sure they will want them. If, after a few weeks they haven’t asked for it, it get rid of it.

Spring Cleaning, Purging and Projects Final Tips

  • Jam: playing your favorite music will absolutely help you enjoy these tasks more.
  • Make notes with your home ideas: repaint the bathroom or look into wallpapering your closet.
  • Make a purchase list: you tossed that expired Advil so add that to your grocery list and you really need to get new entryway mats to attempt to collect all the dirt and mud your kids and pets will be bringing in.
  • Make it a family affair: share your list and have everyone take a few items to knock these things out a lot faster than doing this alone.

What spring cleaning tasks and projects will you be completing?

Megan, an Iowa native from West Branch, shares her home with husband Cody, their three kids (Charlie-8 Gwen-6 & Ben-2) and 2 dogs (Dottie- lab-basset mix & Ham-all basset). When she is not smooching on them she is trying to change lives as a social worker, taking walks around their Iowa City neighborhood or cruising in Rita her minivan looking to score deals at local thrift stores. Check our her finds on her Instagram page @megthethriftingqueen.


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