Melissa was born and raised right here in Iowa. Although she grew up in southwest Iowa (about as close to Missouri and Nebraska as you can get!), she has called eastern Iowa home for 15 years. She and her husband Eric live in North Liberty, along with their 4 year-old daughter Kennedy. Melissa attended the University of Northern Iowa where she earned her BA in Early Childhood Special Education and her MAE in K-6 Learning Disabilities. She currently teaches kindergarten for the Clear Creek Amana School District, where she has taught for 14 years. In her spare time, Melissa loves to be outside playing or working on projects in their yard, spending time with family and friends, and baking up goodies for her family. She also enjoys taking walks with their two dogs, plump beagle Lenny and shy dachshund-beagle mix Cooper. Life as a full-time working mommy keeps her very busy, but Melissa wouldn't have it any other way!

Food: Friend or Enemy?

Food. It's both my friend and my enemy.  All of my life, I've had an on and off relationship with food. Lately I've been really examining why this is. Why do I turn to...

Thrifty and Trendy Dollar Store Decor: Picture Frame Lantern

You know how you see something on Pinterest and you think, "I could make that," but yet you never quite get around to actually doing it? Well, that's me most all of the time,...

More Than Just a Game: 3 Life Lessons From T-ball

For the past three summers, our daughter has been involved in our community's local t-ball program. While she loves playing the game, getting her dressed in her uniform, into the car, and then to...

End of the Year Stress: What Your Teacher Friends Want You to Know

The end of the school year is here and summer is ready to begin.  Summer is the time that both teachers and kids take a deep breath and replenish themselves. I'm guessing that a...

Mother’s Day Without My Mom

Erma Bombeck once said, “On Mother’s Day, I can think of no mother more deserving than a mother who had to give one back.” That quote pulls at my heart, as I had to...

Tired of Tantrums? 10 Games to Teach Your Child Self-Regulation

All of us have a limit for the amount of patience we have each day. When it is gone, there is no getting it back. As adults we can feel when our breaking point...

A Simple Valentine’s Day Craft That Anyone Would Love

Oh no! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you still need a gift that is simple and easy for a few special people. No time? No worries. I have a solution for...

The Lonely World of Friendship: Seeking Belonging as an Adult

Raise your hand if you have ever felt like you don’t belong or aren’t good enough. Yup, that’s what I thought. There are a lot of hands up in the air.  I have spent...

Having Patience and Faith While Waiting to Adopt

There are moments in life that require patience. Things like standing in a long line at a store during the holiday season or keeping your child entertained while at a very busy drive-thru require you to...

Celebrate Yourself! Birthday Freebies and Discounts

As moms, we hardly ever take the time to celebrate ourselves. Our focus is always on our children, our spouse, or other members of our family. The daily grind gets in the way of...