Weekend Wednesday: November 21-22

It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and the time of year when we tend to get busy.  Take some time with the family to enjoy these family-friendly events in the Corridor!  Here are my top picks of events going on this weekend!!

Weekend Wednesday

Saturday, November 21st

Iowa Volleyball: 7pm.  Have you ever wanted to take your kids to a fun Hawkeye event?  Take them to the Iowa Women’s Volleyball game for pure fun!  The Hawkeyes take on Northwestern.  Adults are $6 and youth are $3.  While you are there, do not forget to get an ice-cream cone! Enjoy the game!

Sunday , November 22nd

The Fossil Guy: 2pm.  From the age of dinosaurs, see & touch fossil bones of the mighty Triceratopsthat roamed the Western United States over 65 million years ago.  Feel the serrated edge of some of the largest fossilized shark teeth in the world — from the recently-extinct megalodon that dwarfed the modern great white shark!  Use magnifying glasses to inspect many bugs trapped in ancient amber. Learn about the extinct bug-like trilobites that lived in ancient seas, some over 500 million years ago.  This event is free and open to the public. Event is taking place at Schaeffer Hall.

Music is the Word: Family Concert: 2-3pm. Join members of the City Circle Acting Company as they give us a sneak preview of their upcoming musical, Oliver.  Part of the ICPL “Music Is The Word” series welcoming the University of Iowa School of Music to downtown Iowa City.  Family Concerts are designed for the entire family. Parents, children and grandparents alike are welcome and will enjoy these friendly, fun shows.  Event is taking place at the Iowa City Public Library and is a free event.

Family Folk Machine: 2:30-4:30pm.  The Family Folk Machine (http://familyfolkmachine.org/) is back this fall with a special show featuring travel and railroad songs! The concert will be held in the Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Museum at 2:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided. The Family Folk Machine is an inter generational, non-auditioned choir supported by the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center that welcomes kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds to sing together with a folk band. The group seeks to build community through singing songs with neighbors, to explore American history and culture through song, to foster individual musical growth, and to pursue excellence as an ensemble.


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