I Can’t Stop Thinking About Tiger Woods. Here’s Why:

Ok. Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I don’t watch golf. I don’t play it, I don’t follow it, and I don’t really understand it. It’s just never been my thing. I DO however, remember sitting at my parents house right around Thanksgiving in 2009 and watching everything go down with Tiger and Elin. I followed it for a bit, watched Tiger’s very public press conference admitting he was seeking help for sex addiction, and then I went on with my life and truthfully kind of forgot about Tiger Woods. Until yesterday.

Tiger Woods Wins the Masters...And I Don't Know How I Feel

I was sitting at my nephew’s birthday party and several attendees were watching the final minutes of the Master’s on their phone. Rooting for Tiger to win it all. I was genuinely confused. I looked at my friend and said something along the lines of, “Oh, people like Tiger now? Like they are rooting for him and just forgot about all of the craziness?” Last I knew people were disgusted and disappointed, so this was all news to me!

Tiger won, people cheered, and my social media feed was full of excited posts and people crying in happiness for him.

I went about my day.

But for some reason my mind kept circling back to it. What did I miss?

I mean 10 years is a long time (7 of those years I’ve been parenting, and that’s a time warp all on its own!), but last I knew people were not super inspired by Tiger and he was surrounded by controversy. I had a hard time celebrating him, and if I’m being honest, I felt uncomfortable with the fact that I was hesitant to celebrate such a comeback. I consider myself a pretty forgiving person. I love wholeheartedly and I’m all about second chances and inclusion. I couldn’t stop asking myself why I had a problem with this, and no matter how hard I tried to just forget about it my brain kept bringing it back up. Begging me to get to the bottom of my feelings.

Eventually I landed on this question:

Would I celebrate if my best friend’s ex-husband, who had several extra marital affairs, earned a $2 million award at work?

Again. I consider myself a forgiving person and Lord knows I have made my fair share of poor decisions in my life that have required forgiveness and grace from others. But I don’t think I would be crying out of joy for my friend’s ex’s amazing comeback.

And again I felt disappointment in myself. And still I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Do you ever have those days where you can’t stop thinking about something? Like to the point where you’re almost annoyed with yourself because if it? That was me yesterday. My mind continued to wander.

Do we hold our “regular” men to different standards than our athletes?

Are we more forgiving of our athletes than our non-athletes? If one of my husband’s buddies behaved like Tiger Woods has in the past, would I be ok with my son calling our buddy “his hero”?

I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer here, but certainly room for healthy conversation. Which is why I am here. Reaching out to my trusted mama community and wondering:

How did you feel about the Tiger buzz? Did you cry in celebration of one amazing comeback or did you struggle to reconcile your feelings, like me?



  1. I have been a fan of Tiger since the very beginning. I grew up with a dad who loves golf, I golf and golfed competitively through high school. When everything happened with him and his wife I was sad for her and disappointed for him. But you said it yourself he sought treatment for sex addiction and has since turned his life around. I have been learning a lot about sex addiction and a lot of people feel like it’s an excuse but it is a legitimate problem albeit a taboo topic. I feel people are so quick to judge him and say what a horrible person he is but I urge you to think about what if it was a drug or alcohol problem. We would all be cheering and saying how amazing it was that he overcome a terrible addiction to be in a spot to win again.

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