Need New Books While the Iowa City Library is Closed? Try a Book Bundle!

When I’m searching for something new to read, whether for myself or my kids, I like to browse the stacks at the library. Specifically, I like to browse the “new” section — all those colorful, shiny covers, un-cracked spines, fresh thoughts and ideas just unleashed into the world, waiting to be discovered! And that “new book” smell. Yep, I’m the weirdo who stands there smelling books in public. Maybe you like to browse the science fiction section, or the comedy DVDs, or the kids’ board books.

Anyway, now that the library building is closed to the public, browsing isn’t a thing.

But as your resident librarian, I’d like to pitch to you a new Iowa City Public Library service that might be a great alternative for your family to get something new and serendipitous. It’s called Staff Picks…Just For You! Fill out a brief online form — what genres you like; some favorites you’ve already read or watched; what formats you like to read/watch, whether that’s print books, e-audiobooks, streaming video, or others — and we’ll make personalized recommendations to you.

These recommendations can take two forms: we can simply email you a list of 3-5 suggestions, or we can go ahead and make a bundle of library items for you to pick up curbside (or have mailed to you — for free! — if you live in Iowa City, Hills, Lone Tree, University Heights, or rural Johnson County). You can make one bundle request at a time per library card, and the bundle can have up to ten items in it. Find out more about how curbside pickup and mail delivery works at ICPL.

A stack of library books
Call the Iowa City Public Library at 319-356-5200 or live chat/email if you need help with your library card, want to sign up for a card for the first time, or have questions about anything library related. The library would love to suggest some titles or build a bundle for your kid with books about animals, space, or crafts; or for you with some escapist literature, parenting guidance, or a few of our circulating artworks to hang on your wall!

Fill out the form to get started.

Anne is a kinda crunchy, kinda unapologetically corner-cutting mom who has lived in Iowa City since 2004. She is a graduate student in Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa and works in the Children's Services department at the Iowa City Public Library. Before going back to school, she was a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters for several years, and took her children to the library multiple times a week. Basically, she has lived at the library for about a decade. Which is fine, because her biggest passion in life is books. When not reading, Anne also enjoys hiking, low-budget road-tripping, and drinking craft beer on a patio.


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