When my oldest daughter was a few months old, I left my job to become a Stay At Home Mama. We moved to my husband’s hometown shortly after so that he could start his business.  I didn’t really know...

Life is Better Shared.

Think back on some of your favorite moments.  Why are those moments so special?  What part of the memory makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you think of it?  It’s probably not the place, or the things, that...
April 1st, 2013:  Launch Date for the Iowa City Moms Blog!   We are so excited to begin this journey of connecting Iowa City moms to each other and to our community!  We will provide our readers great information about local...



Meet the Experts: 2024 Bloom Expert Panel

Plans are well underway for our 11th annual Bloom: Mini Conference for Moms, and as always we are so excited for this event!  This...

Summer Camp Guide 2024

Let’s Take A Break!